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Sunday 3 July 2016

Aqilah (@aqilaadnan) of A A L E (@theaale) contacted me one night and told me they wanted to send me the Yashel Set in Baby Blue and Pink from their Raya 2016 Collection called Nothing In Between (thank you, Mahzu, for bringing it over from KL!). I was super thrilled that they picked that out for me because when I saw it, I was inspired to do a whole post to showcase its diversity. 

Nothing In Between is a play between two extremes. Colours are a mix between bold and sweet, attitude--rebellious but modest, and form and shape--structured but laid-back. There is no in-between. It's obvious that an A A L E girl does not do average. 

On FV, A A L E describes themselves to be 'understated elegance, it doesn't cry for attention, it is not garish, it is subtle, it is strong without being loud, it is chic, it is cool, it is calm'. Pure coincidence! On IG, I described it as 'understated cool' prior to reading that description!

I styled it in three ways, but there are so many other ways to pull this off! The material is stretchable, metallic and super laid-back, that you could wear it with anything, tuck it in or tie a knot in front or at the side, and get away with it!

1. Opposites Attract

Be the uptight girl in a laid back outfit. I tucked-in the top and paired the fun whimsical piece with dark accessories. Whether you want to tuck it in front or tuck it all in, it's completely hassle-free, especially with the elasticised skirt. 

2. Quirky Cool

The colours of this two-piece is crazy that I just had to dial up the quirky! The top is a beautiful metallic baby blue, but the skirt is a whole other story! It has a duo-chrome effect with pinks and blues and silvers.

For this look, I rolled up my sleeves (so you can see that the insides of the top matches the skirt),  un-tucked my top, pulled out my quirkiest sunnies I got from Asos and a matching white clutch, and put on my metallic silver pumps.

3. Full-blown Cazh (Casual)

Not a lot of skirts can rock the sneaker look but this one was at a perfect length that you could totally go all out casual! I love how you can easily dress it up or down depending on your mood. I would have normally picked out a light-coloured pair of sneakers with this one but I am a fan of the Adidas Superstar AND you can get them here at Revolution at Setia Kenangan 2 Complex, Kiulap! Go check them out if you haven't already!

Note: I racked my brain trying to figure out the spelling for the shortened word for casual. Cajjj. Caszh. Casjjh. I ended up resorting to google.

Lipstickmyname x Revolution
Lipstickmyname x Revolution
Lipstickmyname x Revolution

Once again, thank you again to Team A A L E for sending this to me! I am absolutely in love with it!


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