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Tuesday 19 July 2016

Damalee Signatures (@damaleesignatures) is a subsidiary of Damalee Sdn Bhd. It is a multi-label hub that houses brands with a diverse range of clothing such as Ummi Najji, Emma Rachman, Azreenville and Qyrayounaz. It first operated in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, back in 2013 and soon expanded to Singapore and Brunei due to high demand. 

Damalee Signatures BN (@damaleesignatures.bn) sent me three things and as a clothes fanatic who loves trying out new things, I was excited to try them on! Glad I did because you know what's great about trying new things? There's a possibility that it could pleasantly surprise you!

1. Emma Rachman - Haruhi Dress

This was one that pleasantly surprised me and is definitely my favourite out of the bunch! A) It made me look super elongated and slim. B) The dress is so comfortable and lightweight. C) The material is quite thin and feels cool against your skin. (Whut-whut! I'm a rapper!) Just be aware of the thinness of the fabric as you can definitely see my hipbone in some angles and I was already wearing an inner skirt. I'd probably just have to find a thicker inner. (Absolutely not a problem with heat because, like I said, the fabric is paper-thin!)

The beautiful Dalillah Ismail wore the pink one (click here for her IG post or here for more photos on her blog!). It looks incredibly sweet on her, doesn't it?

I can't find it online anymore, but do check it out in-stores!

Hello hipbone! 

2. Emma Rachman - Maria Tunic in Grey Pinstripe

Available here!

When I browsed through the collection, a word popped into my head--Androgyny. During the fashion blogger high-tea with Na Forrer, we were asked whether we were more bohemian or androgynous. I remember saying bohemian, but what I really meant was... I'm in an awkward place between the two. I'm into androgynous clothing. I love structure and tailoring and oversized 'boyfriend' clothes. I would totally wear one of Emma Rachman's oversized blouses with a belt cinched at the waist and skinny jeans.

You can see where the material is attached together. 

3. Ummi Najji - Instant Shawl

Available here!

I don't normally wear the instant shawl so I wasn't sure if I had to wear an inner scarf with this or not. (let me know!!). I loved the fabric and colour! It was again very light and easy. You can find more colours online or at the store. It was a tad bit long at the back, so you could probably pin it to the front to secure it a bit more. It had pretty details on the hanging part of the shawl, as well as on the side of the head. But most importantly, it was symmetrical on the forehead! WIN!


Check out www.damaleesignatures.com and @damaleesignatures.bn! Damalee Signatures BN is located at No. 41, 2nd Floor, Airport Mall. They are open every Tuesday-Sunday from 11AM until 7PM. If you have any questions, ring them up at +6732332282 or whatsapp them on +6738838741!

Disclaimer: This is a paid review.


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