LIPSTICKMYOOTD: AL's Charcoal Regal 'Gigi' Kurung

Wednesday 13 July 2016

On the 2nd day of Eid, I wore my glamorous charcoal grey dress by Adila Long. It is actually a slightly more casual version (debatable, I know, but I said slightly) of one the Bridal Intemporal '16 dresses (see below). I'm the 'expired bride' because ever since Adila and I met, I always choose to make an outfit from her bridal line. Yup. Absolutely no shame... but the heart wants what it wants! (I'm that crazy lady who loves looking like a bride all the time haha! If only there was an MUA that could do my make up for me daily too...)

That beautiful yellow songket though, right?
I tried this on once and didn't want to return it to Adila. 
Adila and I agreed that I have way too many pastels in my closet and needed something new for a change. I opted for charcoal grey in the end because my hubbabubs had already picked out all of his colours (contrary to popular belief, we usually pick his colours first! Truth!) and I didn't have anything to match his. SO GLAD I PICKED A DARK NON-LIPSTICKMYNAME COLOUR because the dress turned out amazing. 

More detail at the back...
...and on the selendang.
It's raining beads.

Still on that metallic trend.

One day, it dawned on us that the colour scheme (metallic on charcoal grey) was similar to Gigi Hadid's Tommy Hilfiger dress that she wore to the 2016 Met Gala. Ever since then, we called it the Gigi. If Gigi's 2016 Met Gala dress had a Muslimah Malay, much shorter, older sister... this would be it. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find Zayn's silver arm-wear for Hazim in time! (Obviously a joke........ I wouldn't let him overshadow my dress!)

Anyway, thank you for stopping by, my loves! Only a few sleeps away from the weekend!


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