Minimal in Emerald Green

Saturday 23 July 2016

Losravelda (@losravelda) is a Malaysian retail-clothing company specialising in modest wear. They sent me the Hara Kurung in Emerald Green in Size S (link here) from their Modish Collection. I get a little worried when I team up with a hijab fashion brand because I might not do it justice! That's more up Zahra Zamari's (@zahrazamari) alley (who you should check out btw, if you haven't already, because she is so adorable and kind and amazing! She does hijab fashion so beautifully and plays music like a rockstar). Anyway, I digress... 

When the package arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by what they picked out for me! I was expecting an abaya or a hijab but when I pulled out a two-piece number that had such a cute skirt, I was over the moon! Perfect! (Thank you, Losravelda team!) It gave me old-school raya feels when I wore it, probably because the fit and style was so classic. The fabric reminded me of my teachers from ugama school who I hope are doing well. Overall, I absolutely love the minimality. I not only felt super comfy in it, but something about it made me feel more feminine and girly!

The brand has a pretty cool slogan--a brand that will inspire you to dress gorgeously without being immodest. That was the first thing that caught my eyes. Next, was the skirt. I just love the skirt! I am a sucker for pleats and folds. I have about 4 skirts like this in my closet! Must. have. them. in. all. colours. Thanks again, Losravelda! 

Disclaimer: This is a paid review.



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