LIPSTICKMYOOTD: Losing my cool in my bandung-flavoured dress

Sunday 10 July 2016

I am still so in love with the bridesmaid dress I made with Adila Long for Kayla's (remember Kayla?) solemnisation that I had to wear it again for raya. A friend commented how it reminded her of bandung (shout out to the beautiful Diaz!) and now I can't get it out of my head! AL is known for her tulip skirts but this time she added the tulip around my waist and made me feel like thumbelina!

Wearing: Dress by Adila Long (@adila_long, or her personal account @adilalong), Hijab by @hijabelle_bn and All My Love sunnies from (link here).
On the 3rd day, I followed my in-laws to the palace to greet the royal family. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people flock to Istana Nurul Iman for its three-day meet-and-greet raya open house (click here to see what it looks like). It was my first time, so of course I was beyond ecstatic (and slightly nervous because my clumsiness likes to come out at times like this)! But the most exciting thing happened to me! 

I was quite nervous when I came closer to the Queen. My mind was basically on autopilot and I told myself, "okay... just smile, shake their hands (salam) and greet them 'Selamat Hari Raya'". I greeted the Queen first and she had the kindest and warmest smile like she had not been standing there for hours and hours. That day alone, over 33,000 people came. Don't we just adore our Queen? 

I then greeted the beautiful Crown Princess and she was of course looking ravishing, as always. She then took me by surprise when she asked me, with the sweetest smile,

"Are you... the blogger?"

I, while trying to not lose my cool in front of the royal family, sheepishly answered, "Lipstickmyname? Yes!". It all happened so quickly!

When I greeted the other princesses (who also looked incredible, btw), my mind was still buzzing from excitement (and it hasn't stopped actually) and I was doing cart wheels in my head and was on the verge of squealing. I quickly ran out to find my husband and my BIL to tell them all about it. I was so elated from the moment. I wish they would have been there to witness it. If only there was a real-life Pensieve (always with my Harry Potter reference because J.K. Rowling has everything figured out) to store memories so it can be viewed by a third-person, right?

Photo taken by SIL... oh btw go and try for really yummy cookies. My favourites: Salted Caramel and Mint!

So yeah... that's the highlight of my Eid!

Alhamdulillah for everything.


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  1. All this while I thought it was a tulip kurung top! Pink really is your color 😍


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