Saturday 5 March 2016

Drove home from work as fast as I could to get ready to go to the opening of Melur. After a good shower and some make-up, I was out the door. When I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the vibe of the adorable store--it was like a warm hug from a Disney princess (what?). The air was fresh and smelled of sweet melons (I am not joking, I felt like I was in some kind of bubblegum factory! I really need to get that fragrance diffuser!). I walked around the room in awe--NOTHING beats the feeling of seeing new clothes on the rack. I was, and still am, blown away.

The yummy spread at the opening of Melur.

The beautiful owner, let's call her Charlotte, managed to answer a couple of questions I was dying to ask:

What inspired you to open up Melur?

I always knew that I wanted to have my own business.  But last year, I decided to venture into this industry. But the crazy thing is, I have no business or fashion background! My background is in Politics and International Relations, and I am a political animal! So I didn’t know how and where to start.

Today, at the height of the era, I noticed that online shopping was all evolving and we are more aware of upcoming designers, labels and all things that are beautiful.  At the same time, I realised that with an increasingly overwhelming choice of clothes, designers and stores, finding the clothes that suit you can be more stressful than joyful. This is where I think Brunei is lacking--a store that provides modern, good-quality pieces. I want M E L U R to be the preferred fashion brand retailer for modern, modest women who prefer fashionable and quality products. M E L U R was created to help women feel their best by providing modern and quality pieces with a high-end experience in-store. Women these days, especially us, want to live a modest but fashionable life, respecting our faith while still being able to express ourselves. We deserve to dress in a way that shows the world how unique we are. Everyone deserves the finest things in life and to have access to superb quality at every level.

Another factor that inspired me to start M E L U R was the never-ending support of my loved ones--my family, my friends and my colleagues. They’ve always been supportive of my crazy dreams! Sometimes I don’t know what I was thinking (when I started this)! I remember thinking to myself many times, 'Am I crazy for doing this? What am I doing?'. I could easily turn back and just let it be a dream. But they continued to support me. I am so lucky to have them!
What factors did you take into account when curating your pieces for the store? Eg. the designers, the clothes themselves, the colour, etc.

Azura Azwa Chloe Tops available in store.

I love all things that are beautiful! Who doesn’t, right? Hahah I look for designers that make beautiful pieces, and most importantly wearable pieces--something that you and me can wear effortlessly every day. I personally like to wear classic silhouettes with a modern twist or classic dress in fresh colours. I love colour--from pastels to bright colours. But most importantly, I also look for pieces and accessories that are desirable and are of high quality that can assist women in their own self-expression while still respecting their faith.
Describe the style of the clothes in your store or describe the style of the kind of women who will shop at your store. 

The style of clothing in the boutique--I would say a mix of everything! We have casual & chic but we also have formal wear. We have everything for everyone. In M E L U R, we believe in supporting women who respect their faith. We believe that they deserve to be loved and to feel great. We know she has many stories to tell and we want her to keep her adventurous spirit alive by reminding her of the travels she has been on. These are the kind of women.  M E L U R wants these women to feel that she is worthy of the finest things in life, which is why we offer superb pieces with superb customer experience.
I couldn't keep my hands off this Adila Long clutch.

Grab your Tulip Songket Skirt at Melur, girls!

Trying out Temujanji's Carnation Top.

Carnation Tops by Temujanji available in three colours.

Who is your fashion icon?

I love Jessica Alba’s style--her style is timeless, with an edge, and also fun! And I also love the style of Vivy Yusof of Fashionvalet. She makes dressing up look fun – and she looks so effortlessly pretty!

Are you excited as I am, fashion bunnies?



  1. Love love love! So proud of both you AND charlotte. I'd like to be a chloe fyi ❤️ R

    1. I'll keep that in mind bubz. You'll definitely be featured in here somewhere... especially under my spendy beauty posts. Chloe, the enabler.

  2. Congrats on the blog! Keep it up


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