Army in Pink.

Saturday 12 March 2016

Hi Weekend, you're late.

I thought this week would have left me unscathed but sadly, I have a very embarrassing story to tell with two scabbed knees to remind me of it. 

I was walking across the lobby of my office at the end of the day Thursday, literally radiating exuberance and joy because one of my best friends, Kayla, was about to get married and I couldn't handle the thought of seeing her in her wedding dress (and finally getting to put on my beautiful hot pink Adila Long number). Almost made it to the end, until my shoe decided to fail on me, and I slipped and landed on my poor knees (now scabbed and sore) whilst letting out a scream so loud as if I needed more attention from the hundreds (I exaggerate--I don't want to know the real number) of people who wanted to go home! My other bestie, Farhi, just stood there laughing at me--didn't even give me a hand. Thanks girl. I sat there for a good two seconds before I got on my feet and embarked on my longest walk of shame. Farhi eventually tried calming me down by saying that years from now it'll just be a hilarious memory, then an hour later she accidentally slammed a door on a poor old lady, and I stopped feeling bad for myself because I wasn't the one with the worst day anymore. (Poor old lady is fine if you were wondering).

The day ended perfectly though, because Kayla became a Mrs and she was incredibly beautiful.

Hijab and the City (We're all Carrie Bradshaw).
Wearing a custom-made dress from Adila Long (@adilalong) and a headscarf from Hijabelle (@hijabelle_bn).
Tulip and Lace
Super Farhi also picked Adila Long to dress her up. She looked ultra chic.

Alright then. Back to bridesmaid duties, folks. Be right back!


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