Hayaa Musfirah

Saturday 12 March 2016

I received a care package from the beauties behind Hayaa Musfirah this week like they knew I needed some TLC. Hayaa Musfirah is the leading syarie business in Brunei providing network and encouragement for Muslimah who are in need of support on their Hijrah journey. When they contacted me, I was more than thrilled to be part of their movement to empower hijabistas.

The first thing I saw as I opened the beautifully wrapped box was a letter addressed to me. I squealed because who doesn't love a little bit of personalisation? These beauties really knew how to brighten up my day! On top of that, they picked out one of the happiest colours for me! I quickly tried it on and instantly loved the feel and the flow of the fabric. 

This sunshine of a number is the Hilda outerwear--one of their first successful designs. It's like an abaya with a twist! It zips up in the middle leaving just a perfect peekaboo from the waist down. I paired it up with a pair of jeans and the Blooming Peonies in Yellow which I got as a birthday gift from a very good friend, Chloe. (Thank you again, bubz! Love you!)

Check out Hayaa Musfirah (@hayaamusfirah) if you haven't already and they'll get your modest fashion needs sorted!


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