Love to Dress Spring/Summer 2016

Saturday 19 March 2016

This month has been pretty amazing, Alhamdulillah. I have been blessed with so many wonderful things--the launch of my blog and the response that came with it, my best friend's wedding, my 10-year anniversary with Mr. Lipstickmyname, and there are still a lot more to come before April, InshaAllah. (I am very excited for my Kuala Lumpur trip!)

One of the most humbling opportunities that knocked on my door was when I saw Naida Harun, the Head of Marketing and Sales from Love to Dress, in my inbox. The lovely people at LtD (THANK YOU!!!) were kind enough to send me a piece and I promise, my heart did all kinds of weird gymnastics and somersaults, because I could not believe what was happening. And then, this morning, my heart did the same thing again when the post office told me my package had arrived!

Love to Dress Spring/Summer 2016
I love LtD. Their abayas are so chic and flattering. I mean, come on, whatever Asma' Nasaruddin (@a.nasaruddin) is wearing, we want to wear it too. She, like her instagram grid, gives off this understated cool kinda vibe. Her style so minimal and clean yet effortless and sophisticated. It's no wonder that Love to Dress launched their Spring/Summer 2016 collection with classic pieces that range from tunics, trousers, long cardigans and blouses. The colour palette is very LtD--you got nudes, blacks, whites, but you also have your navy blues and dusty pinks in there. 

This collection is for you, the ones who appreciate comfort, versatility and the classics. - Asma' Nasaruddin
Wearing: Wrap Trousers in Navy 
Closer look at the Wrap Trousers
So my pick from the collection was the Wrap Trousers because you know I love it when my basics have a little bit of pizzazz. I initially wanted the ones in Nude (they look so pretty btw) but in the end I opted to go for the Navy for something different. I quickly grabbed it from the post office and wore it straight to lunch. Overall, I was quite happy with these babies. I absolutely love the fabric--the flow and the fact that my legs felt very comfortable in them. I think I can go a size smaller though (I was wearing a size S and I'm a UK 8). I could also possibly even go for the petite range but my heels are usually sky-high so I didn't really have a problem with the length.

Right now, I have my eyes on the relaxed-fit trousers. Hmm.

Check them out on Fashionvalet if you haven't already!


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  1. Sounds like you've been having a wonderful March, Nabeela, and there's still 10 days more to go! I'm loving the effortless look you have going on here, and I just gave Asma' Nasruddin's Instagram a look -- I think I'm falling in love with her minimal style!



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