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Monday 21 March 2016

I am a hopeless romantic. The kind with sentimental dreams that were built from scripts of cheesy and cliche romantic comedies. I wear my heart on my sleeve for everyone to see. I am in love with love and everything about it--the chase, the poetry and the feels. I feel a rush every time Meg Ryan says 'I wanted it to be you' on You've Got Mail or whenever the radio starts playing any old R&B song. My feels are pretty spot on. (Last week, I sang along to Tori Kelly on the highway like nobody's business and realised my eyes were closed at one point. Feels. Don't do that on the road though. But point is, FEELS.) 

Earlier this month, Mr. Lipstickmyname took me out to a surprise dinner for our 10-year anniversary. I tried to get it out of him for the entire week because I wanted to know where he was taking me so I could plan what to wear. I did NOT want to end up forced to walk on sand in suede heels (in case he planned for the beach)! That boy is full of surprises, I'm not even sure how I got this lucky! It was surprise after surprise after surprise. 

I thought we were eating at Zen--cause that's where we normally have our fancy dinners--but this time he directed me to the Pool Deck. And when I saw a beautifully decorated table with balloons, I'm pretty sure my smile was so wide my teeth could have made an escape. The food was amazing and the service was so lovely--it was perfect.

Our ten years have been nothing short of magical. There were ups and downs, but there is absolutely nothing that we can not handle. Here's to many more years, babe.

Took a photo before our bellies popped out of our clothing.
The warning card for the amount of food they were about to serve us.
Appetiser (I was full already after this btw).

Crispy Lemon Curd Millefeuille

I was pretty excited to wear my Self Portrait dress I have been eyeing on since forever. It was a perfect gift. Husband knows me well.

Don't you just love love?


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