Five Favourite Fs

Monday 29 February 2016

I thought this was the best way to introduce myself to the blogging world—by listing out my favourite F-words to summarize my 26 years of existence. The letter F is pretty significant to me. Most of my favourite things begin with it. My initials are FNF. My best friends call me F, because they’re too lazy to pronounce the other four letters of my (first) name but that’s okay, they’re excused. Fancy, fabulous, flamingoes, Flair Waldorf (I had to put her in the list somehow okay?). But my five favourites are:

Family and Friends—Easy. They are my entire world.

I’m the type of girl who eats a meal every few hours. Pre-lunch, lunch, post-lunch, pre-dinner, dinner. (No, I do not eat after dinner, my stomach is not a bottomless pit as my husband would suggest). I usually skip breakfast, which is such a big sin to my doctor friends, because I love sleeping. If sleeping were an F-word, it would be high up on this list. Trust me.

Everyone who knows me at all, knows I have an obsession with this month (and this year we get an extra day! Win!). Not only is February my birth month where my husband and best friends spoil me rotten, but it’s when my beautiful country celebrates our national day and also, when the entire world celebrates love (and love always wins, doesn’t it?). Every year, my February has been nothing short of amazing and this year was no exception. 

Ah, my new love that I only found back in 2012 when I was doing my dissertation on the sustainability of fast fashion at an inspiring university (the coolest university in the world actually, because the alumni consists of members of Coldplay) located in one of the most prominent fashion cities in the world. I would say, London helped me shape my style (assuming that I have one).

Headscarf: Poplook
Bag: Adila Long

Over the weekend, I managed to get a few things at the Brunei Islamic Fashion Week which I am very excited about. I got a few scarves from Ell'izette and a top from Eljumana
and I cannot wait to feature them in my weekly #lipstickmyootd.

Gorgeous headscarves sprinkled with Swarovski at Najaah Thara'
Ell'izette satin shawls

So if you’re into flowy abayas and hijabs, go drop by BRIDEX! They will be there until 2nd March. 



  1. Huge congratulations on the blog, Nabeela! I didn't know your first name began with an F, haha. Had a good laugh at Flair Waldorf (potential alter ego???) and enjoyed your romanticist views on February!

    Can't wait to see more of what Lipstick My Name has to offer! x


    1. Haha May! I heard her first name when Ajeeratul called her out and Nabeela kinda freaked!

      Congrats on your blog! And hehe wow you actually used Blogger. Good choice! Can't wait for more, especially your fashion posts! x

    2. So I just figured out how to reply comments. Haha whatanoob.

      Thank you Rosie for the support! Squad! See you on twitter, instagram and whatsapp! <3

    3. A very late thank you to May for the greet and for being my first commenter! Haha you guys keep me going!


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