KLFW 2017 Day 4: It's raining menswear!

Friday 25 August 2017

On the fourth day of KLFW, I was mainly blown away by menswear. It was bold, in your face, out-of-the-box and hella entertaining! 

Super Sunday won best new designer and they deserved it. I truly enjoyed that show and wanted a few things for both me and Hazim. Neonate had the creepiest runway mix but it was so cool. I felt like I was in a creepy escape room with laughing children, crying babies and laughing clowns. TERRIBLE! BUT... I remember that show. The models had their face painted to look like actual clowns and they were holding creepy dolls. Great show!

Benua Clothing, Kitwoo, Zsay, Neonate, CMDI--I don't know what else to say man... other than Hazim needs to rethink his wardrobe choices. There were loads of extreme layering, unconventional pairing, oversizing, bold colours, accessories and I could see a lot of Off White inspired designs too.

Syomir offered wonderful menswear during his show, as well as Tarik Jeans. Tarik Jeans were so amazing last year and this year they did not disappoint! They still blasted out their 80s malay rock music on the runway, which I appreciate very much. I didn't get to catch their shows as we weren't feeling too good but I was on social media stalking them. Syomir is definitely one of my faves!

Now... to convince my husband he needs these clothes....


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