KLFW 2017 Day 2: Mimpikita take my money!

Thursday 17 August 2017

Oh man, I loved Mimpikita's show so much! Music plays a huge role during a runway presentation. It helps the audience feel the design even more, as ridiculous as it sounds. MK's runway presentation had old school pop songs I couldn't help bop and sway too. They had Say a Little Prayer, I Wanna Dance with Somebody, Kiss... and the list of awesome songs goes on. I was able to feel the old school pop culture vibe... and it went perfectly well with every outfit. The 80s ruffles, the glitterness, the bright neon colours... I AM IN LOVE YOU GUYS! That show is my favourite so far! Nurul, take my money!!!

Strappy heels are from Topshop.

Today's pick: Gia from Marcella and Co.

I wore Peggy Hartanto's Ursula jumpsuit today, which I have been itching to wear. It's beautiful. I love all her collections. Very neat, understated sexy and quite bold without being too loud. I wore Thavia's Caia oversized blouse under it because I loved the baggy sleeves and because I am a Thavia gal--LOVE THEIR STUFF. LOVE TCJ. 

The chic Izriniz that I had to congratulate for Innai Red's show last night.

So humbled to be seated next to them!
Anyway, here are a few of my faves (I loved this beige overall-looking piece from Maslea but I didn't catch it on camera!):

Nigel Chia

Nigel Chia


Maslea was so ON in the minimal department. 3 the Label and Ana Abu also rocked minimalism quite well from what I saw on Instagram. But back to Maslea, I am living for her colours. White, Grey, Beige. The no fuss, slouchy but clean designs... man I could wear those everyday. I love it! Well done, Suraya. 

Mimpikita--My first pick! I WANT ONE!!!



Wonder if Nurul can make a longer one for me. 

Thavia is one of those brands that just make you feel cool whenever you slip one on. Yes, I know it's uncool to say something is cool, but there's just no better way of describing it. It's also one of those brands that look better when you try it on. Give Thavia a go, if you haven't already, and you'll see what I mean!



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