KLFW 2017 Day 1: Back to Black

Thursday 17 August 2017

Oh what a good day it was!

I caught two shows on the 16th--#IAMHOMEGROWN by Fashionvalet and Innai Red. I didn't get an invite to Innai but I really wanted to see what they had in store this time (Rio Bonita was amazing that I own three outfits from that collection!) so my friend from KLFW helped me score some media passes (love him!).

Innai's show was a lot different from last year's more beach-vacation-Latina feel. This year's collection i.e. Desert Rose had such a beautiful palette and I already have my eyes on a few dresses and skirts. Here's to hoping my willpower will be unwavering when the time comes.

I wore the Nicole Polkadot Blazer from Thavia, Satin Silk dUCk scarf in Black Olive and a pair of leather leggings, all from Fashionvalet. I wore the brand new pair of Nelissa Hilman--these wonderful green metallic stilettos--that they've so greatly sponsored. I honestly thought my feet would die but I was so pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they were. They were almost as high as my Louboutins but I cannot last a few hours in them. They're pretty sexy though and I would still buy another pair haha. 

I also did not know what to expect from FV's #IAMHOMEGROWN show. I kind of knew what it was about but I wasn't too sure of what they'd be presenting. So it's basically a line of streetwear which Minluna managed to style so amazingly on the models. But what I love the most about this entire movement is the level of patriotism and Malaysian pride that it instills inside all of the Malaysians present. I also was reminded of how much I love Brunei and how much I am so proud to be homegrown (from my little abode of peace). Vivy said something along the lines of Malaysians should always dare to dream and live your dream knowing that Malaysia will always have your backs. It applies to us too, my dear Bruneians.

Need this skirt.

Need the bottom half of this!
Need this too.

Managed to slot in a quick photoshoot for Nelissa Hilman with my bae Fina around noon. Then we had ample time to grab lunch before the first show. Fina looked incredibly amazing btw, but when does she ever not look stunning, really?

The star of my day has got to be my Doris sunnies from Roberi and Fraud. It's probably my most proud purchase of 2017. I saw these on Camila, Chriselle and then Bella Hadid and I knew I needed one in my life. 

That's Day 1 done and dusted. Gonna grab breakfast now before Day 2 commences.


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