KLFW 2017 Day 3: Brunei on the runway and AARRDS picks!

Tuesday 22 August 2017

Taking part in AARRDS was surreal. I remember receiving the email in an Uber in Washington and I had to read it over and over again because...well how did this amazing opportunity land in my inbox? Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for the rezeki and blessings you've showered me with... but this... this is still unbelievable to me up until now.

Last Friday was the Grand Finale for the 10 finalists. I was so excited to see their three-piece collections and I was of course ecstatic to see what Humaira and Kava had worked on. I wore Na Forrer for the pre-judging event in the morning and Maricel Studio for the Grand Finale in the afternoon (yay Bruneian girlbosses!).

In the morning, we had a 2-hour pre-judging session where each judge got to interact with the designers to learn more about their collections and the stories behind their designs. I was blown away by the amount of passion, drive and effort they put in. It was very motivating and inspiring, and I only hope we have the same level of drive and passion here in Brunei. 

Here are my favourites:

Thailand - Khampee Lak Sanosurang

This was my favourite on the runway. Doesn't it just make you want to pack up and leave to a beach resort on a secluded island? One that has photographers of course because you'll need many photos of you in these outfits.

Myanmar - Ng David Phoo

He handmade each puff ball........ and if you are putting that much effort into making a garment... you best be sure I'll be wearing it proudly, sweetheart.

Malaysia - Andrew Low

His prints were inspired by peranakan decor... and I wanted it all in my wardrobe.

Vietnam - Tran Thi Tu

She was the winner of the competition... and it was very well-deserved. Her designs were so intricate and had so much depth. She was a sweet lady who didn't initially own a passport. Flying to KL was her first time flying... which makes her win even more meaningful and special.

I have to admit it. When it was Brunei's turn to walk down the runway, I teared up. I felt so much Bruneian pride and I'm sure Farhanna did too. We can now say that Bruneian designers have walked the KLFW runway. Humaira's designs were inspired by our school uniforms. It's supposed to be both modern and nostalgic. And they pretty much represented Humaira--fun, quirky and tough. One of the judges actually wants to get in contact with her because she loved her designs so much. I was totally glowing when she told me that.

Next is Siti Nazmah of Kava. I'm not a streetwear gal but oh god did it look super cool walking down the runway!!! Hazim loved their runway presentation! It was feisty, rugged and strong! Modest street gals everywhere would have rejoiced. I honestly think the designs were relevant and very marketable. If you look closely, you'll be able to see places, roads and monuments printed on the fabric.

All in all, these two gals did very very well. Thank you for putting your heart and soul into this because you made us so proud! I cannot wait to see what else you girls have in-store for the world to witness!

With Chessy, a judge from the Philippines.
Thank you again KL Fashion Week, AirAsia and Park Royal Kuala Lumpur for that wonderful experience. Thank you Na Forrer, Maricel Studio, Thavia, Nelissa Hilman, and Schmiley Mo for dressing me up.


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