Beauty Haul: Fenty, Glossier and dUCk.

Monday 2 October 2017

When Fenty Beauty came out, I went totally nuts. Ordered a bunch of stuff from @faceitbn (amazing customer service btw! Highly recommended!) and then mysteriously a bunch of Glossier products landed in my cart. Not sure how they got there. I then ordered more Fenty stuff from my aunt who flew to KL for a weekend and added on some dUCk Cosmetics in my FV cart when I purchased new dUCk scarves. This happens to me when I refrain myself from buying the big goods like bags and shoes. I end up buying small things to make myself feel better. Have you ever heard of the Lipstick Effect? 
The lipstick effect is the theory that when facing an economic crisis consumers will be more willing to buy less costly luxury goods. Instead of buying expensive fur coats, for example, people will buy expensive lipstick. - totally googled that.
Of course I don't do it as often as I used to when I was in University (OMG my hauls were ridiculous. Who else fell for EVERY. SINGLE. NEW. MAC. LAUNCH?). Now, I just try to finish my current products and replace them with new ones to feel less guilty.

Fenty Beauty - Full-bodied Foundation brush

Yeah. Yeah. I know. Boring. A brush. NOT. This is probably one of my favourite purchases. It's so easy and fast to use in the mornings when you're running late for work, and it applies my foundation so smoothly. I sometimes think it gives a blurry effect but it might just be in my head.

Fenty Beauty - Killawatt Mean Money and Hu$tla Baby

Underwhelmed. I'm sure you have a better highlighter in your make-up collection somewhere. That being said, I do use it everyday (because I spent money on it). Mean Money is a (very) subtle day-glow that is definitely safe for work. I use Charlotte Tilbury's highlighter to work, so this is a step down more natural for me. If you're into that, go for it. 

Hu$tla Baby is a less popping version of Becca's Champagne Pop (which I use for events) but colour-wise it's so identical. Again, if you're afraid of crazy disco ball cheekbones, go ahead. I use this for work too because to me it's not as intense as my other highlighters that I used to use anyway.

I say, skip.

Fenty Beauty - Match Stix in Chili Mango, Confetti and Blonde.

Just swatched these babies today and I LOVE THE COLOURS. Keyword: Colour. I haven't tried it on my skin yet and I've been hearing mix reviews on Youtube. But Chili Mango did get an A- on Temptalia and is said to be a dupe for Nars Taj Mahal, which is my ultimate favourite blush but I only found out that it contains Parabens. I hope this will be able to replace it!

dUCk Cosmetics - #Glossipgirl in Basic Blair and #Lipstickwitu in Dreamy Nora

I think I'm really moving away from the Matte lip, you guys. I'm going back to using bullets and surprisingly, LIP GLOSS. I'm not a fan of lipgloss. Remember growing up with the wind in your hair and feeling so cool only to be disrupted by your hair sticking to your gloss--you wipe it away and then there are streaks of tacky gloss on your cheek? Well, firstly, I wear a hijab now. Secondly, dUCk's gloss is non-tacky and super moisturising it feels like a balm! I absolutely love it! Dreamy Nora is a lovely colour too--a wearable coral with little specks of gold. So far, these two are total wins for me... formula and colour! If you were to try one thing though... and you love gloss, TRY OUT GLOSSIP GIRL! I am hooked!

Thinking of doing a review of the whole dUCk cosmetics line--super curious about All-Eye-Ask Eyeshadow Palettes and the Matte Decisions Lip Creams! Hmm...

Glossier - Cloud Paint in Beam and Haze

I love cream blushes that you can just pop in your bag and dab on your cheeks without thinking too much. Cloud Paints have received worldwide love and I wanted to hop on board asap. Ah. I also love the way these colours are cool-toned! Cool-toned blushes make me look more fresh and awake. 

Glossier - Milky Jelly Cleanser and Perfecting Skin Tint in Medium
The Ordinary  - Caffeine Solution 5% - EGCG

The cleanser's a repurchase. I love it! So gentle and calming. The Skin Tint's another favourite in the youtube world so I picked it up as well since my CC Cream for work is running out! We'll see if it sticks around.

Moving on... I've been using the Caffeine Solution for a few weeks now and I love it. You only need the teeniest tiniest bit for both eyes and I actually see a difference! Additionally, it's only £5.80! So much win!

L to R: Matchstix in Blonde, Confetti (seriously not doing it justice, it's lilac pearl with little blue glitter) and Chili Mango, Cloud Paint in Haze and Beam, Dreamy Nora, Basic Blair, Hu$tla Baby and Mean Money (yea I know, I can't see it too).

So happy with everything I purchased except for maybe the Killawatt Highlighter but I'll use it up anyway. What are your favourites from these brands?


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