Current Obsessions: Street Style

Sunday 15 October 2017

What I look forward to the most during fashion week season is the street style more than the runway shows. The way the fashion week goers style their outfits are more inspiring, to me at least, probably because it's more wearable. Sometimes runway presentations try to be so different that their layering game looks like their closet exploded and landed on their bodies. And I feel like I'm at an art museum staring into paintings trying to understand what is going on. That being said I did enjoy Celine, Tibi, Chanel and Louis Vuitton! What were your favourite shows?

Back to trends... 

1. Sock Boots

The buzz has been going around red sock boots but I've seen them in other bold colours like yellow and fuchsia! I've been wanting to try them but A. Brunei's hot. B. Brunei's hot. C. Brunei's hot. D. I might end up looking like Ted (see photo below). It's not practical to be wearing these in our climate and there aren't any events to attend anyway (not that I can attend one any time soon)! But aren't they so beautiful though? However, I made a naughty purchase... bought myself a pair of metallic ankle boots because I was telling my brain that it could help cover my ankles...... right? No? 

2. Cat Eye Sunnies

Everyone's been wearing the Last Lolita from Le Specs and I'm trying to look away. I don't need another pair of sunnies that you can only wear for a season. Back to buying classics only! I... hope. I... think. Be strong, my heart. 

Nicole Andersson is seen killin' it below with her Checked outfit, Le Specs sunnies, Sock Boots and Belt Bag (available here).

3. Belt Bags

The GG Marmont Belt Bags are TDF! But why are they so expensive for something that can only carry my phone? I'm hoping this trend will die asap so it can stop tempting me. I mean... USD1k? Come on, now. I'll just adore it from afar. Plus, the highstreet fast fashion brands are quick to come out with their own versions of belt bags.

4. Gucci Belt

This is the slightly wider one. I got my eyes on the 2cm one. Do I need it? No. Will it go out of style soon? Maybe a little slower than the fanny packs. Worth spending USD200? Y....ess mayyybe? Anybody want to buy me a push present?

5. Dior Shoes

My heart aches for these! Mainly because it reminds me of these pair of shoes from The Row that I could never get my hands on. The logo makes it current but the ribbon makes it classic. J'adore!


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