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Saturday 3 September 2016

I've been back in Brunei for two weeks now and I'm still dreaming of my last trip to KL. I want to give a quick shout out to Royal Brunei Airlines (@royalbruneiair) for supporting my blogging journey and for the extra kilos that I did not know I needed until I robbed the malls all over the city. There's a Brunei Travel Fair going on right now up until Sunday at Centrepoint Hotel; so go get your cheap tickets because the prices are mad!

For weeks coming to my leave, I was so excited to fly. I was not only excited to attend KLFW, but I was also excited to eat. There's just so many places (and hip cafes) popping up about town and like my last trip, I just wanted to try them all.


The Black Cod at Nobu.

Berry Pavlova(?)--Phenomenal stuff.

Breakfast Thieves!

BLVD House.

Mango Desserts at Hui Lau Shan.


I did a little bit of shopping (and I did a small haul in the video). I went a little crazy at Innisfree BUT I DID NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM SEPHORA! No lipstick no nothing. Proud. Well done, me!



Meeting new friends:

Because Sue (@suenasar) wanted to be silly! Love them!

Finding new people to OOTD/Squad Walk with! With the super cool Asma (@a.nasaruddin) and Tasha (@itashama) (And Sal (@salamahsalleh) who was manning our fort! Thanks Sal!) 

Meeting old friends from University:

Studied at Nottingham University with this smart beauty!

Meeting friends from home:

With the Collective (@thecollectiveartevents) girls, Jeera (@ajeeratul) and Fina (@finamd)!

Going to go to Centrepoint now to check out cheap tickets! Speak soon!


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