More of KLFW: Mimpikita and EH! x FV

Wednesday 7 September 2016

FV just launched Scha's EH! x FV collection yesterday so that helped brighten my mood on a Mo(a)nday morning! Scha's capsule was my favourite, but that's because it was more up my alley. It was described to be 'trendy' and it is exactly that. Just like Scha, it's a pretty laidback collection whilst maintaining Scha's 'it' girl persona filled with pleats and bell-sleeved tops. Lisa Surihani and Nabila Huda brought their A-game too. Lisa's capsule was more soft and feminine, and when the show ended I heard a few people say it was very her, very Lisa. Other than wishing I was close enough to Lisa Surihani to be able to say that, I was pretty glad to hear that she stayed true to herself for this collaboration! Well done, Lisa. (I did not take stalker photos of your husband who was just seated across me). Nabila's line had the Coachella vibe going on and I am dying to get my hands on the mauve off-the-shoulder dress!

I actually get excited when I get free magazines! Should have got them to sign this!

Lisa Surihani

Lisa Surihani

Nabila Huda

Scha Alyahya

Scha Alyahya

Creepy photo of Lara. SHE'S SO CUTE!

Nabila Huda--this please!

Scha Alyahya

Scha Alyahya

Lisa, Nabila and Scha strutting their stuff on the runway.

That was an incredible show but unfortunately I couldn't stay long as I had a flight to catch (that eventually was postponed to the next day, so I could have actually stayed on for Syomir and Fiziwoo's show! But's it's okay... I digress). 

KLFW flew by so quickly and the shows that I managed to catch were extremely inspiring and possibly wallet-draining but that's okay because these designers worked really hard to create wearable pieces from figments of their imagination. One show that I completely admired was Mimpikita x Annick Goutal SS17! I stole the photo below from KLFW's IG because none of my photos could do justice to Nurul's (@nurulzulkifli) creativity that was just so vivid and lively. These bubblegum-coloured runway pieces were as fluid as water. It was like watching watercolour paintings come to life.

Goody bag included a sample-size of Annick Goutal's Rose Pompon that smells divine!

My view.
Familiar faces after the show!

Bubblegum water.

I expect more launches on FV... so buckle up, wallet. You're going to be in for a ride.

Here's a quick recap of KLFW2016 featuring all the runway shows I attended and the people I met! Click here to watch it on youtube.


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