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Friday 16 September 2016

I woke up with a high fever today. Not the best feeling in the world but I suppose that's my body trying to tell me I need to slow down and take a step back. Deadlines can wait 'til Monday, but for now I'm just going to stay snuggled up in bed with an unlimited supply of mom's rice porridge (ugh so good!). I hope I'll be better by tomorrow though because my FV package arrived yesterday and I really want to wear my Nabila Huda clothes this weekend!

Anyway, while waiting for my husband to come home, I'll just talk about things I have been obsessed with!

1. Sheet Masks

My ultimate favourite type of mask are the peel-off ones cause it's just less of a hassle, but this month (ever since my mask binge at Innisfree in KL), I have been so obsessed with sheet masks. The other day I tried the Innisfree BHA Skin Clinic Mask and I was so impressed! As you may already be aware from my photos, my forehead breeds cystic acne. I have no idea why. I should probably get my skin checked but as a temporary solution, I'll just resort to skincare. That mask reduced my cystic acne by half. No joke. I used it at night before going to bed and left the solution on my skin 'til the next day and my acne was almost gone. I need to stock up when I find another Innisfree store, you guys. 

Yah I have girly bedsheets. Beds have laundry days too.

Being stuck in bed all day can be boring. I was feeling so rotten the whole morning but by noon I felt better so I decided to try on the Innisfree Special Care Mask for my poor ol' battered feet. Ever since KLFW, my feet have not fully recovered, so it really deserved proper care this time. My feet look better and it feels softer, but I'm guessing it requires more assistance and more mask time before it starts looking normal again. I have dehydrated skin but I only remember to moisturise my face daily. As much as I try to remind myself to take care of my entire skin as a whole (largest organ of the body!) by putting moisturising lotion on my bedside table, in my handbag and on my office desk, it just never crosses my mind!

Simple things amuse me.

Hello toes!

2. Annick Goutal - Rose Pompon

I used Petite Cherie all throughout University and when I got back I kind of left it and started trying out new perfumes and scents. But at the recent Mimpikita show, they gave away sample sizes of Annick Goutal. I'm not sure if everyone was given the same scent but I was given Rose Pompon. I love it so much that I asked Farhi to buy me a bigger bottle on her business trip!

3. SKII Facial Treatment Essence

Mom bought me the entire SKII line a few years back and I never really got it. I didn't like the cleanser, the moisturiser, the toner.... the price. And I found the smell of the essence quite offensive. It smelt of poop and I couldn't get past it. But I was given a sample size of it a few months ago and I decided to give it another whirl, mainly because of THIS video. Now... I don't think I can ever go a day without it! My complexion has been better, my skin's more even, it's less dull and my acne is not as irritated as before. The smell's still there, let's be honest, but after months of using it I've grown immune to it. I do make sure to put on a nice-smelling moisturiser after, just in case it bothers Hazim. 

4. Huda Beauty Liquid Matte

Okay ya'll need to put down your other liquid lipsticks because this formula is QUEEN! That's all I have to say about it. SO OBSESSED. 

Top to bottom: Trendsetter and Bombshell

5. Lemon Eton Mess

Head over to the Jazz Bar and try this out. Go. Now.

6. Body Jewellery

Hazim got this for me as an anniversary present (thanks to Chloe for snapchatting it to me when it was on Net-a-porter!). I have been diggin' body jewellery lately. I think it just makes my life a whole lot easier especially for when I have lazy days. 

Yah, so the story about me ruining the surprise--while he was praying, I was looking for my white blouse and I thought maybe it was still in the luggage (cause we don't unpack straight away...). IT WAS RIGHT THERE. So technically, it's not my fault that I found it. I folded it back nicely and tucked it away, and I never mentioned it to him. On our anniversary, when he gave me the body necklace, the conversation went a little like this:

"Happy Anniversary!"

"What? Wooooow! Thank you!"



" knew didn't you."

"...yea I saw it."

"I knew it. That was so fake."

"How did you knowwww?"

"I knew someone moved it!"

So lesson learnt guys. 1. Practice your reactions. 2. Put it back EXACTLY where and how you found it.



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  2. omg! I should've read this post first!! Glad that you are using SKII essence too, and you explained it really well! especially the smell part. lol


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