Dressed in Damalee (Part 2)

Friday 9 September 2016

I'm currently in bed squeezing in an A to Z marathon before I have to go back to work. I love this show. I love Cristin Milioti ever since we all found out she was the mother of Ted Mosby's children, and I loved Ben Feldman ever since Drop Dead Diva. If you've never watched it, give it a go and fall in love with its corniness. Corny as a cornfield, you guys! But be warned that there are only 13 episodes available. NBC broke my heart and cancelled the show. Boo.

I digress.

Towards the end of Eid, I was out of clothes to wear to openhouses. Huge thanks to Damalee Signatures Brunei (@damaleesignatures.bn) for being my saviour and giving me Azreenville's Elm Kurung just in time! I loved the colour--light beige top and a darker beige skirt, absolutely my kind of colours! My only issue was that the skirt was very thin but I quickly slipped on a thick inner skirt and all is well again! 

I heard about this brand when Fashionvalet posted up a photo of this beautiful top. I see it's still available on the Damalee site. Just sharing, just in case you were looking for it too!

2. Belva Kurung by Qyrayounaz (@qyrayounaz_)

Qyrayounaz is a breastfeeding-friendly brand. I'm not a mother yet so when I pulled out the outfit from the bag and saw the zip detail in front... I was like eh? What is going on here? I was quite pleased to know that it was for nursing as I know a few friends who are on the look out for stylish nursing wear. So good on you, Qyrayounaz!

My love for Hot Pink numbers grew in 2016. Just like my Adila Long tulip dress, this was also in that yummy bandung colour. This was very comfortable and every time I took a step, the skirt would give this elegant swish that I enjoyed looking at. 

So don't forget to check out www.damaleesignatures.com and @damaleesignatures.bn! Damalee Signatures BN is located at No. 41, 2nd Floor, Airport Mall. They are open every Tuesday-Sunday from 11AM until 7PM. If you have any questions, ring them up at +6732332282 or whatsapp them on +6738838741!

Disclaimer: This is a paid review.


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