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Monday 3 October 2016

Ilham Echenta (@ilhamechenta) was launched in November 2012 by fashion influencer and turban designer Echenta (@echenta). This lovely company sent me their latest hijab, the Aulia Hijab "Paisley", to review (they let me have the colour of my choice which is the sweetest thing a company could do, so 100pts to Ilham Echenta for that!)

This hijab comes in 5 colours--Light Corn, Almond Brown, Pastel Green, Classical White and Breezy Blue. I picked Breezy Blue because I find it difficult to stray away from blue scarves (when it comes to prints) for the life of me. It's true! My closet is filled with either plain white hijabs or blue printed ones! So anyway, the hijab comes with an inner scarf attached to it. Initially I thought to myself, "Oh no...". I'm a control freak! And I want to be able to adjust the length of the scarves at all times! But as I was putting it on, I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable the built-in inner was (they sell basic inners too btw and I'm so tempted to try one out to see if they're equally as comfortable and able to hold the massive amount of hair on my head! For more information on that, click here!)

Playing around with the hijab and hey! it turned out alright as a turban too!

Flipping through their IG inspired me to test whether this hijab could also be worn as a turban. I'm not a turban wearer (I do want to give it a go though but I'm not sure how it would fit my square face, and I'm not ready to look at the mirror not looking as cool as Yuna) but I think... I thiiiiink, it could also pass of as a turban. Thankfully for those who find wearing a turban a hassle, Ilham Echenta also sells Instant Turbans

Okay back to wearing it as a hijab... this is how it looks like!

Hello dehydrated skin!

You can choose to show the inner like how their models wear it.

But I always prefer covering my inner scarf because I have a twohead. Not a 'Fourhead' like everyone else.

Pin both sides down.

Check out their website ( and their IG (@ilhamechenta) if you're interested. I think you can purchase the Aulia Hijab and everything else they're selling on their website, but there is a shipping fee. They also sell a few of their stuff on FV, so do check that out here.

That's all from me! Have a good Monday, ya'll!

Disclaimer: This is a paid review. 


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