Trying out the Huawei P9

Thursday 13 October 2016

Being a loyal iPhone user, I never paid attention to the launches and releases of the latest android phones. I first heard about the Huawei P9 at KL Fashion Week; Huawei was the Official Smartphone at the event. They showcased Scarlett Johansson's ad pre-show and to top that off, Vivy Yusof, captured a few amazing shots using the camera, which is said to reinvent smartphone photography as its co-engineered with Leica.

Huawei reached out to a few bloggers to test out the Huawei P9 and having heard of its wonderful camera (I received many direct messages on Instagram telling me how amazing the camera is and how some of them never regretted the move from being an Apple user to an Android user! Thank you for letting me know!), I was super intrigued and I couldn't wait to test this bad boy out.

So I won't comment on the interface etc etc because I've been an Apple user since I was 16 and that wouldn't be fair! But I will talk about the camera. So the camera has many features as you can see below. What attracted me the most was the bokeh feature that my iPhone 6 lacks. According to Google, bokeh is "the visual quality of the out-of-focus areas of a photographic image, especially as rendered by a particular lens"--I just call it the blurry background. The feature works best when the subject is close to the camera, so it may be a little bit difficult when doing an OOTD.

Blurry Effect 

Blurry Effect ft. Afternoon Tea

Modes of the camera.

After trying it out on the first day, I found the photos came out a little too sharp but I suppose you can easily edit that away to your liking. But in terms of the quality of the photo, you can't deny its strengths. It takes better quality photos than my iPhone 6, both day and night (can't take a good photo at night with an iPhone to save my life!), can't say for iPhone 7 though, I would need to test that out for myself. 

The camera also has a professional mode where you can adjust the shutter speed, aperture, etc etc, which I found pretty cool. It captures motion well as you can see from my skirt flicks. Actually, looking back at it now, I'm even more impressed by how the photos turned out.

Other than that, the phone also has this light painting feature, which made me even more excited. Under this mode, there are four things--tail lights, light graffiti, silky water and star track. I'm so going to try Silky Water and Star Track during my leave! Let's hope it turns out well, like the Light Graffiti and Tail Lights feature I enjoyed messing with.

Different modes under light painting.

Light Graffiti

Tail Lights (gone a little wonky because my hands aren't steady!)
I also wondered how it took pictures at night so we tried a bunch of night selfies using the back camera. Not bad! It came out pretty clear! But the flash is blinding, you guys. BLINDING! Hahaha probably because I took a billion photos to nail my angle, so by the 6th try I saw nothing but white.

Poor husband can't take the flash!

Just to add, for all you curious cats out there, the Huawei P9 is available at Progresif Cellular for about BND779 (!!!). So go ahead and check that out if you're wanting a new phone or if you want to hop out of the Apple train or you know... just a camera enthusiast! 

So what do you think?


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