JFW2017: FaVourites from the FashionValet show

Monday 31 October 2016

I am back from my accidental two-week hiatus! I didn't think that I wouldn't have time to blog. I had a plan sorted out on what to blog in the two weeks that I was on leave but instead I spent the first week in the country with my husband just going on dates, watching movies, eating out and continuing our long-overdue riding lessons. It was a much needed break and I got to spend my days just wasting time with the love of my life. No regrets!

In the first week, I received an invitation from FashionValet to attend their show at Jakarta Fashion Week 2017, which features Aere, Schmiley Mo by Diana Rikasari and Kami Idea. I was beyond excited because Jakarta seemed like a perfect place to go as we've never been! I was pretty torn that I had to let go Rico Rinaldi's show at Singapore Fashion Week (I saw photos and his show was impeccable and so avantgarde, and I'm so thrilled to see so many Bruneian representatives there!) but my bank account just wouldn't let me pick both so Jakarta it was!

So back to the FV show, here are my favourites!

Schmiley Mo by Diana Rikasari (@schmileymo)

I have watched two of her shows and both times I was touched with an infectious positive force that's so out of this world. The songs she picks have become permanent residents in my playlist and are constantly on repeat. Go listen to Haim's Don't Save Me and tell me it doesn't want to make you skip through the streets of New York City with a wide smile plastered across your face?! (Also listen to Regina Spektor's Dance Anthem of the 80s--her runway mix at KLFW2016 that never fails to lift my mood.) Other than her amazing line (which is coming out on 7 November on FV I hear), thank you Diana for the gift of music. 

Schmiley Mo, being true to its DNA, kept it fun and whimsical. The Daisy Pills collection was filled with pompoms, unfinished denim and really cool outerwear. It's just something that's been missing from my wardrobe and I cannot wait for it to launch. I'mma pounce. Here are my faves:

1. These metallic skirts need to come home to mama. No words. I need them. 

2. This pair of un-finished denim jeans. Styled with these slip-on loafers? Yes please!

Aere (@aere) - LOVE Collection

This was inspired by the emotion that resonated inside her when she was invited to present a collection at JFW2017. It still carried the very core of what Aere is--elegance, feminine and romantic. However, the collection had a vibrant colour that stood out for me and I fell in love. Overall, I think Sabrina did an amazing job and I'm truly inspired. Diana and Sabrina are both renowned bloggers who inspire people through their words and style, today they're inspiring people through design, and I can only hope to be half as good and established as they are!

3. Brighter than the sun

Ya'll know I prefer pants over skirts! But in this case... I really can't pick! It's such a happy pill!

4. This wrap top. A girl can never have enough wrap tops (or jeans or bell sleeves and the list goes on).

Kami Idea (@kamiidea)

Kami Idea created comfortable yet stylish options for Muslim women. The clothes were so laidback and chill. It was like a nude lipstick--you just have to slip it on and you don't have to worry about it.

5. What I loved about the collection was the outerwear. I'll be heading to a cold place this December and I want to be able to still look chic while being modest at the same time. Kami Idea gave me a few ideas on how to do that, so hats off to them!

Congratulations FV, Sabrina, Diana and the Kami Idea trio for the amazing show! Until next time, folks! I need to shower.



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