KLFW: Her Liberation

Sunday 28 August 2016

Last week, Adila Long (@adila_long) was liberated. The brand has always associated itself with songket and structure, and while Liberation stayed true to those elements, Adila showed the edgier side of her at KLFW. This year's looks had a strong play on fabric, texture and prints. I can't say it enough but she truly never disappoints. I am in total awe with all the looks and I'm looking forward to playing dress up with her next month!

MOTD by @makeupbynatasya 
I sat in the front row all shy and awkward because everyone else was somebody famous. For a person who is always active on social media, I am such an awkward turtle. I eventually worked up the courage to say hi to the awesome photographer seated next to me, Bibo (@biboaswan), who was busy getting his camera ready for the show. 

A sweet girl sent this to me! Hello and thank you @farfedora :)

After a while, the music started playing and it was show time! (Thank god for that because I was running out of things to look at!) I was super excited to see skirts, culottes, wrap tops and dresses in her KLFW 2016 runway print! I felt extremely honoured that I was able to don a jumpsuit in the same exact print. The night before her show, I went over to pick up my outfit. I was so excited and I didn't know what to expect, but when I unzipped the garment bag, I fell in love with the print. It was a perfect balance between soft and rad! It was a risk that she was brave enough to dive into and was all worth it in the end! When I realised it was a jumpsuit, I was just like ''no freaking way?!?!?!". Jumpsuit-lady was, and still is, over the moon. Love you, AL!

Velvet on Prints. (THOSE SHOES THOUGH!!!!!) 
@tiksg looking firece on the runway. 

I want that bag, AL.

This Kebaya Tweed is perfect. I need this for my NY trip!
@tiksg slaying in my FAVOURITE of the entire collection.

Yas, that shoulder could cut you!

Adila Long
I've had a few people come up to me (physically and virtually) to tell me that they loved the AL Liberation looks. I want to wish AL and her team a huge congratulations over the remarkable show and the amazing looks that will drain my bank account like no other! September seems so far away! I need to try them on now!

There were other talents who shared the stage with Adila Long, so don't forget to check them out as well! Roll call:

Sean and Sheila (@seanandsheila)

Nadia Marni (@nadia_marni) 
Quite enjoyed this one! It was very romantic and fairy-like. 

The husband thinks she's pretty. I can't do anything but agree! She's such a doll!

Sazzy Falak (@sazzyfalak)

The fierce @tinibibbaby who won Best Model for the week!

Can I have some of your legs?
One with Brunei's finest--Fina (@finamd)! Check her blog out guys!

One with the woman of the night!
Lastly, one with THE one and only.
Photo by: Izzy Osman (@izzy_osman)! 

Alright... back to editing that video to sum up the entire week! Catch you again soon!


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  1. woot woot just read this. :)

    ya right, the pic that I took looks so cool! :D


    Also, I adore Adila's collections too. :)


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