KLFW: Day 2 Picks

Tuesday 23 August 2016

This year was my first time attending Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week and you bet I was counting down the days to August. I didn't know which shows I was invited to until the last two weeks when e-invites started rolling in. Each time felt like I was receiving my acceptance letter to Hogwarts! It was pretty exciting! I managed to catch the 3PM, 5PM and 7PM shows on Day 2, thanks to Maslea KL, My Apparel Zoo, Schmiley Mo and Nurita Harith! A little disclaimer: I attended Maslea KL on behalf of M E L U R (@melur_official)--I felt like a fashion buyer on a mission! Thank you, Charlotte and Fiona!

Wearing My Apparel Zoo on Day 2! 
Being all silly with Fina (@finamd) and Jeera (@ajeeratul) before shows start.
From these amazing shows, I have a list of looks I need to add to cart! Here are my favourites from Day 2:

1. Ordinary but Not is my theme for that day. I'm crazy about ordinary clothes with a twist and when I saw these on the runway, I knew I had to get my hands on them. These are most probably my most favourite ones out of the entire week because I cannot stop thinking about them. 

LANA Look 6
LANA (@lana_kualalumpur) blew me away with their clean and crisp Spring/Summer 2017 looks. The capsule was a mix of paper white and cool-toned grey, which gave it an untouchable level of sophistication (also because I'm obviously biased--I love anything white). Each time a model stepped out, I was like "Yup. Yup. I'd wear that. Yup. Need that," so I imagine this entire collection will be a hit and sell out like hot cakes. Look 3 is also one that's haunting me, you guys. Cannot wait to get my hands on them!

My Apparel Zoo (@myapparelzoo), the winner of Outstanding Best Brand Award for KLFW 2016, also won my heart over with these two shirts below. They exude confidence and strength without taking out their feminine and flirty element. I love that. Ellie was saying how the capsule collection tells the story of her journey she shared with her now, feyonce. Being the hopeless romantic that I am, when she said that, I was on my toes impatiently waiting to see her runway show! MAZ showed very romantic, flirty and playful looks, which makes the softy in me even giddier!

My Apparel Zoo
My Apparel Zoo
LANA Look 9
This suit is also an 'ordinary but not'. Lana did a brilliant job adding value to this blazer with the double-layer bell sleeves! 

This jumpsuit is everything. It's white! Surprise, surprise! GARGH. YAS Ezuwan Ismail! This was a really cool concept. Chinese porcelain from shipwreck excavations came to mind as soon as the first model hit the runway. I felt the regality oozing out of each look because of the prints. And that one-sided sleeve though. Marry me.

Ezuwan Ismail 

2. Take a bow--Nurita Harith (@nuritaharith) is going to be a section by itself... because JUST LOOK AT THE DETAILS ON THOSE THINGS! Nurita, I want halal-sis versions of all these dresses please! I mean, everything was impeccable but my favourite ones had bows the size of Russia. It's very I'm-so-goddess-like-that-I'm-going-to-give-people-the-gift-of-me! Hahaha! Yes please!

3. Hard candy with a surprise centre

Don't we all love pleasant surprises? Amelia Hassan's (@ameliahassanfd) Spring/Summer show was something I did not expect. It was so inspiring (and not because it was all white)! The collection was a mix of different textures and fabric but it worked and I remember just sitting down with Suzie of Temujanji (@temujanji) and we were in awe.

Special mentions!

Schmiley Mo by Diana Rikasari had the most adorable presentation. It was very Diana Rikasari--fun, quirky, vibrant and mischievous! I need to find the runway mix because it was so damn cute!!! If you know the song title, please let me know!

CMDI's (@cmdifashion) show was super cool. Look at that headgear and those invisible shoes! It was really refreshing to see on the runway.

Last special mention goes to Tarik Jeans by Jiman Casablancas (@tarikjeans) who was inspired by the rock era (I was breathing the same air as Amy Search!). What I loved most about the show was the music! Yes of course they played a rock song at the end but before that they played really classy-cool versions of P. Ramlee songs, which I thought was quite cool. 

One with the beautiful Amelia (@ameliath)

Shafirah Sakinah (@sharifah_sakinah)
My only photo with the gorgeous Marissa!
Met Faa (@faafirds) again. Super envious of this successful blogger who makes me want to buy more makeup than my hairdressing table can hold.
Syomir of @syomirizwagupta! He gave me an exclusive sneak peek of his runway pieces the day before. GAH SO SAD I MISSED HIS SHOW!
She was lovely and friendly and super pumped up for her show the next day! @sazzyfalak

Day 2 was pretty amazing. I ended it with a dinner date with my husband who has been the most supportive person in the entire world. I'm not sure how I got this lucky, you guys, but I am. Alhamdulillah. Then I headed over for a fitting for the BEAUTIFUL Adila Long jumpsuit she surprised me with. More photos on the next post!

Catch you later!


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