WOO/FIZIWOO for Zalora Raya 2016

Tuesday 12 April 2016

While I was in KL, I was lucky enough to be able to catch the WOO/FIZIWOO for Zalora Raya 2016 show (Thank you Kai, Reen and Sarah!) and was even happier to know that the show would showcase designs from three other designers. I was very excited to see what they had in store for raya! (I also started to panic because that meant that the fasting month is drawing closer and I have not started paying back my off days yet! I never learn).

Carrying the tagline Raya is for Everyone, Woo/Fiziwoo for Zalora 2016 does just that. They bring a colourful collection for a diversified racial group of Malaysians as the designers believe that Raya is not only meant to be celebrated by Muslims and Malays, but by everyone in order to bring all races closer together. Now if there's anything I've learnt from my 8-week Fashion Design course, it's that a capsule collection should have something for everybody.

Every capsule collection also comes with a story. This year, Fiziwoo was inspired by stories told by their parents during their childhood--hence the glamorous looks from the 70s! I found it very witty of them to name each design after raya bites like Dodol, Serunding, Ketupat, etc. Oh raya feels!

Kurung Serunding 
Kurung Makmur is my favourite!
Kurung Kapit
Kurung Badam 
Kurung Lapis

The crowd was pretty amazing too! Rizalman was there, Sasha Saidin (Elite), Ellie Norman of My Apparel Zoo, people from magazines and the fabulous fashion crowd. But what got me most excited (totally lost my cool btw) was when I saw this tall figure with a turban enter the foyer--YUNA!

Ellie Norman of My Apparel Zoo.

One with Kai (Co-Owner of Fiziwoo), Dalilah Ismail (@dalillahismail), Faa (@faafirds), Fizi (Co-Owner of Fiziwoo) and Sarah (Team Fiziwoo)

With fashion bloggers Dalilah Ismail (@dalillahismail) and Faa (@faafirds), as well as the lovely Sarah, part of Team Fiziwoo.
Yuna CRUSHed my confidence. See what I did there?
Anyway, back to the collection. The price range is between RM 490.00 to RM 690.00 on the Zalora website (click here). I know I said the pre-order ended on the 3rd of April, I swear that was what I heard during the show, but FORTUNATELY bunnies, I was wrong and pre-order ends on 30th May 2016!

So, tell me, which one's your favourite?


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