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Friday 1 April 2016

I've always loved their name--Mimpikita. There's just so much depth to it. Our dreams. It signifies a powerful end-goal, an unbreakable hope and a strong bond. I felt that when I stepped into the store. The room was filled with racks of garments in colours and designs that are, I would say, quite unique to the brand. 

I was wearing the Jackie Top from Arared (purchased at Melur), my favourite off-white shawl from @hijabelle_bn and a pair of high-waisted pants from Adila Long. Let me just rave about the top for a second! The structured puffy sleeves add a billion cool points to the top. I seriously cannot get over it. It's light and the fitting is perfect, and in terms of length, it's so goldilocks--not too short, not too long, it's just right!

Bumped into the lovely Nurul Zulkifli, one of the Mimpikita sisters.
I managed to grab a beautiful red dress from the Spring/Summer 2016 collection and a Dipped Row pearl necklace at Mimpikita. I swear I could have done more damage but I had self-control that day, much to my surprise! So pleased with myself! I was at the cashier and about to leave when the bridal dresses at the corner of the store caught my eye and I couldn't resist to try them on!

This beautifully tailored golden number called out my name first. I love a good structured dress. This one was exceptional--subtly over the top (how I like most of my outfits to be)--and it fitted like a glove! The fabric hugged around my body but it wasn't rigid--I could have totally boogied down in this if I wanted to.

The second outfit I tried was a mash-up. The beautifully-embellished crop top was part of the Bridal collection. Mr. Lipstickmyname quite liked this--simple but (wow)--and he's right! It was minimal but extremely elegant. I usually am quite doubtful when it comes to layered skirts but I have to say, they totally nailed this one. And look at the train on that thing!
Shake yo tailfeather!
HOW COULD I RESIST THE FEATHERS?? I think my husband was a little worried I'd end up with feathers for raya. I said, "No darling, of course not!" to reassure him that I wasn't going to. But hah, who was I kidding? I'd totally wear feathers for raya.

Mimpikita offers a beautiful range of RTWs that are worth checking out. It's just so me! And if you're a bride on the hunt for the perfect dress, go check them out too, while I go try to think of reasons to buy them. My 27th birthday? My brother's graduation? Dinner?


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