Adila Long Intemporal '16 (Part 2)

Wednesday 6 April 2016

Photo: Hanisham Salleh (@wrsbrunei/@imasuperdad/@portraitbyhanisham/@wedding_by_hanisham)
Attention fashion bunnies!

Team Adila Long will be in Brunei from 8th-11th April for a private viewing of the luxurious pieces from the latest Luxe/Bridal Intemporal '16 collection. You would not want to miss this so go on and book a slot this weekend! I'm super thrilled! Head over to their instagram for more information (@adila_long).

Watermelon Juice for thirsty guests! (@minumminum)
More photos from the night:

This dress has my heart--the colour, the pattern of the songket, gah just everything about it.

That selendang just makes me want this even more.

Safe to say, I was totally blown away by everything that night, and while I was busy trying to lift my jaw off the floor from all the songket, lace and embellishments wrapped on amazonian beauties, I couldn't help but stare in awe at the fabulousness of the guests! They did not just come dressed to impress, but they dressed to kill. Now, that's my kinda crowd! 

I also got the chance to meet some of the loveliest people:

Dalilah Ismail (@dalillahismail), a Singaporean fashion blogger (click here to see her blog), whom I had the greatest opportunity to meet! She is so sweet, humble and kind. I also got to meet her again the next day at the Woo/Fiziwoo for Zalora show.
The beautiful 22-year old Zara Shaidin (@zaracouture) who has absolutely flawless skin and rocks a turban like nobody's business. I'd totally look like a minion in one of those!
Model Amber Chia (@amberchia) who crushed my confidence and made me feel like a hobbit.
Tengku Chanela Jamidah (@tcjamidah) looking as stunning as she could possibly be! (Soon to launch her own cosmetics line @didaforwomen which I am very excited about... I mean lipstick IS my name)

Anyway, don't forget to book your slot this weekend, bunnies!


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  1. Dear Miss Lipstickmyname,

    I am so very proud of you for all that you have accomplished in such short a-time. For all the years I've known you, you have always been like the personified bottomless Mary Poppin's bag (although if it's really you, it'd be a classic Chanel) filled with an endless supply of eye-glistening, jaw-dropping talents. I am so happy to that you are now living your dream and it's very inspiring to see that albeit being where you are, you have not stopped chasing.
    Lots of love, your Pey.


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