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Sunday 24 April 2016

Team Lipstickmyname recorded a lookbook on a blazing hot Saturday morning which you can find here. We were melting under the sun and my highlighter was in competition with my sweat (shout out to all the girls who have a strobing addiction!). I hope you enjoy it!

Last weekend, the beautiful people at Love to Dress sent me a couple more things. I picked the two-toned long cardigan because out of the entire Spring/Summer 2016 collection, it radiated the brand the most. Before casual wear, LtD was well-known for their very feminine abayas that created their very own wind as you walk. If the brand was personafied, my geeky Harry Potter side would say that she's Fleur Delacour--breathtakingly beautiful, gentle and demure but you don't want to mess with her.

Someone needs to hand me an iron.

They were also kind enough to slip in a beautiful surprise--remember my previous post on the brand and how I said I was thinking about the Relaxed Fit Trousers? Well yes, they sent it too! My heart exploded into confetti. They're such sweethearts and I wish them all the best for the brand. I cannot wait for what LtD has got in their pipeline be it casual wear or their Fleur Delacour abayas because I'm definitely getting in line.

The trousers are super comfortable and I am so glad that I have them because it goes with anything--a plain fitted top with a statement necklace, a shirt for a smart casual look or a statement top for a night out. For reference, these are in Petite Size XS. The Wrapped Trousers I got earlier were Regular Size S and they were a bit big, but these ones fit like a glove! I am going to get so much use out of these trousers, I cannot contain my excitement!!!


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  1. I am LOVING that two-toned cardigan, Nabeela, and your video was such a joy to watch -- I can't wait for more!



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