Adila Long Intemporal '16 (Part 1)

Saturday 2 April 2016

"A combination of classic couture with cool sensuality culminating in personal, everlasting beauty. An experience you don't want to miss, of such glorious romantic adventure..." 

"Inspired by the culturally rich and beloved country of mine, Malaysia. The timeless beauty and elegance of the Malay Royals, the Indian Maharajas, and the Chinese Imperial Dynasties were the main sources and references when creating the Intemporal '16 collection."

Intemporal '16

My first encounter with Adila was when I ordered my first ever songket bag back in early 2015. I texted her to talk about the details and she, being the sweetheart that she is, sent me an audio of herself saying that she was on the road and that she'll text me as soon as possible. I thought it was extremely sweet of her to do that and not make me wait. We then spent the month finalizing the design and colour of the fabric for my bag. 

Soon after, I met Adila and Dara, for my first fitting (for Farhi's wedding) and they were the kindest souls I've ever met. I fell in love with the signature Adila Long style instantly--classic, timeless, elegant, sophisticated, cool and sexy--and made five (at least!) more outfits with her and loved each one.

A year later, I received an invitation to see her show. Without a doubt, I dropped everything and flew to KL to attend it. I knew it would be something extraordinary, just like her bespoke pieces. I knew it would be inspirational and enchanting--and that was what it was. 

With the beautiful Adila Long, Principal and Creative Director of the brand, and her adorable baby girl.
(Photo: Hanisham Salleh)
One with Dara, the Managing Director of Adila Long--isn't she just drop-dead gorgeous??

Before all the glam, I had to get ready. I knew I had to come wearing my favourite Adila Long creation, which is the (GAHILOVEITSOMUCH) Songket Puffy Skirt that was part of her Bridal collection last year if I'm not mistaken. It took me a while to pick out the top--do I wear white, a shirt, something casual? I was skimming through my wardrobe when I remembered that I had a green velvet dress from the highly anticipated H&MxBalmain collection that I have never worn before! So that was set.

My FOTD features everything I love!
Still pretty giddy every time I see this YSL Touche Eclat with my name on it! 
Nars Shimmer Eyeshadow in Mekong
Charlotte Tilbury's Luxury Palette in Fallen Angel

Back to Intemporal '16--which is made up of Luxe Intemporal '16 and Bridal Intemporal '16. Here are some photos:

Other than being a perfect balance of modern and traditional, her designs are also a perfect balance of being feminine and strong. The silhouettes make it sexy but the structure makes it strong, which adds mystery to every ALgirl.

Hello handsome :)

Can I have them all please, baby?

One of my favourites of the night. The design of the songket is so unique you have to go see it up close for yourself!
Another favourite. SO. SEXY. ARGH.

Oh dear heart, be still. I cannot get over her designs (as always)! They always seem to haunt me for days and weeks until I put down a deposit. Every time people ask me what I'm wearing, my answer is always Adila Long. I can't help it. I'm an AL girl.

Catch PART 2 for more photos soon!



  1. As Salam Nabeela. You have a fabulous sense of style and i'm really impressed. Care to share where can i find beautiful dresses to wear for annual dinner? Any websites or something? Other than zalora, fashionvalet, poplook.. Appreciate if you can help me. Been super stressed out finding the long dress for my the upcoming annual dinner (themed red carpet). :D

    1. Wassalam.

      Thank you so much for the sweet comment :)

      I don't normally buy dresses but there's asos ( and topshop ( You could also check out for Occassion Dresses--it's quite affordable and you could always add lining to make it hijab friendly. Boohoo and Missguided are other options.

      You could also just find inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram, Net-a-Porter (steal an expensive look there!) etc and get it made yourself. If you're unsure of the fabric, you can ask the tailor what they think is suitable (Hasla, situated in Kiulap, has really good service and cutting, if you want to check them out).

      If you have time you can try out designers in KL. Of course, it'll come with a hefty price tag but designers like Adila Long are so worth it and you can wear it for Raya! She comes often to Brunei which makes it easier.

      Hope that helps! But DM me on IG (@lipstickmyname) if you need further assistance. I'd gladly help :) Good luck on your hunt for the perfect dress!

  2. Hi, I would like to know if you the price range for Adila Long's Intemporal collection?


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