Dream it, Wish it, Do it.

Tuesday 24 December 2019

I love the secret quotes hidden at the back of my charms. They are words of motivation that I literally carry with me everywhere I go. I have one from Hazim that says Forever & Always My Beautiful Wife, one that says Let Your Dreams Blossom, an Aladdin one that says 'You Fill My World With Wonder' and a Slytherin house charm that says Ambition Pride Cunning.

"Dream it, Wish it, Do it." - that's on one of the latest charms that I got from the December collection... and I feel like the timing is quite apt. I've been feeling like I haven't been doing enough. I've been feeling a little lost. I need to just sit down and reevaluate my life's purpose. Think about what it is that I want to accomplish and go from there.

Yuna posted photos of her 'beginning of the decade vs end of the decade' and it was mad inspiring to see. It's amazing to see someone achieve so much in the span of 10 years. It's a lot of hard work to be trailblazing like that and to be touring Europe and having your face on a huge billboard at Times Square. It's insane and surreal and very motivating. 

I also spoke to a very inspiring local today. We were catching up on work stuff and then we got to catch up on our personal lives. Before this I absolutely admired Dr. Vanessa of Agrome IQ... now I totally admire her even more for her drive, efforts and accomplishments. (She was actually a fashion blogger previously and I remember being envious of her attending one of the big shows at either London or New York. She's a hustler.). She talked about her passion for creating an impact and creating sustainable systems. She's designed apps and widgets, and I think that woman is spectacular. Partly also because I'm technologically... challenged and really suck at coding. But after that conversation, I feel energized to also create some sort of impact to society.

I've always wanted to do something more but I was always either scared to act on it or I just didn't 'have time' to sit down and think my ideas through. The problem with that is... that someone else will do it. I want 2020... to be about doing it. Doing more. Doing more for society. Doing more for the economy. Doing more for the creative industry. Doing more for my own creativity. Immersing myself in art to make myself constantly inspired and motivated to just... do it.

Happy New Year, everyone.

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