The Umair Takeover: Battling the Twos

Friday 8 November 2019

As soon as the clock struck 12 on the morning of his second birthday, I thought we were already experiencing the infamous 'terrible twos' but little did I know the difficulty level went up a few notches. Now... I don't like calling it 'terrible' because I'm sure they have reasons for screaming and rolling on the floor and the loud fake cries. I feel... it's mostly terrible for the parent because we feel awful not being able to understand what exactly it is they want.

Now, fast forward to a month and a bit, everyday has been a battle between giving in to his tantrums or being mentally strong and deafening the ears to the wailing. I don't have a lot in me, let's just put it out there--I'm not patient, I'm not calm, I'm not a walk in the park either. But let me also tell you that being a mother has trained me to become all those things... and although I am no way near being a perfect mom, I love what he is teaching me. I am amazed sometimes how long I can endure the ear-piercing sounds my little angel can make.

One night, he threw the biggest, loudest... strongest tantrum and I gave in. I gave him his iPad in bed... something I really don't like him doing. In that moment, I was exhausted from a long day at work and I just needed some peace and quiet. I felt defeated and I just let him do whatever he wanted.  Ironically, I also felt... relieved. Like I had just extinguished a dark cloud that was raining on me. That night, I realized that we have to pick our battles. Some battles we lose, and that's okay because we're human. 

Sometimes I get really frustrated when I lose. I think it's the pressure I put on myself. I mean... this is the time when we start teaching our kids what's right and wrong, what not to do, what's counted as good or bad behavior... and it's actually tough. It's a lot of hard work both mentally and physically. It's a lot of responsibility raising a child and making sure they turn out to be respectful, kind, brave, smart, wise human beings etc. 

I hope you didn't come here looking for advice because I don't have any. I'm looking for tips myself so please share them. Help a sister out. I'm still figuring it all out and I think I'm going to continue to figure it out forever. Everyday is a new day and an entirely new level but we become better and better. It's a fulfilling and satisfying journey nonetheless.

Gotta go. He's going to wake up any second now.


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