How I Style: Eden

Wednesday 12 April 2017

Thavia is a brand that resonates with me. They do a pretty good job elevating the basic wear into contemporary fashion. Just like the reconstructed shirts that have made it big until today, Thavia takes the ordinary and comes up with something fresh. The Eden top is my favourite piece from Thavia currently. We all love a good white blazer and the cold-shoulder trend, but who knew I would be obsessed with their lovechild.

Below are 5 ways of how I'd style it. Mind you, I did not include a denim number because we all know that's the first thing I'd gravitate towards--my good ol' skinny jeans. 

1. Warrior Princess

The Eden Cut Shoulder Top is a rather masculine piece but yet alluring. To balance out its ruggedness, I paired it with a tulip skirt that softens the look. However, as the skirt is made from songket, it doesn't affect the structure and strength too much. I still prefer keeping it a bit boyish. 

2. The White Rabbit

How could I not have an all-white outfit? The cutouts just make it less predictable and gives a fun spin to the regular white pantsuit.

3. Checkmate

Throw in a pair of formal pants, heels and a clutch and you're ready to go to a (what's the Malay version of a) cocktail party! But I, being boring of course, chose to pair it with my black trousers and my trusty Black Olive dUCk.

4.  Break Rules

Okay this is a tad bit outside my comfort zone. I chose not to listen to rules and paired it with palazzo pants. Now, if it were any other boxy jacket, you may end up looking like a tent, but when your shoulders are exposed like that, it doesn't seem all that bad. At the end of the day, you do you and own it!

To take it down a notch, you could even wear flats, espadrilles and sneakers but I personally don't like it on me (although when my feet are killing me, flats are godsend) because these pants make me look shorter than usual.

5. Casual Sunday

On days when you feel like dressing up but have no willpower to put in any effort, take your statement piece out and pair it with your lazy pants and a pair of sneakers, and get on with your day!

There are of course other ways you could wear this baby:

With a belt.

Opened... with a belt.

And the list goes on! Really diggin' the versatility of Eden. So happy that I can get a lot of wear out of it!

Check out more from Thavia on FashionValet and their instagram!


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