The Buts of Life

Friday 31 March 2017

I attended a motivational talk once and a certain video struck a chord with me. It was a video on the 'buts of life' and how the word BUT can be such a dream killer. We shield ourselves from things we fear by using this three-letter word. The consultant said "BUT is used as an argument for our limitations... as an excuse to justify for our lack of action".

I love documenting things that I love. It just so happens that I love... clothes and make-up. In fact I had a beauty page on FB and a youtube account back in 2010 that was very short-lived! That died because I was very conscious of what the community thought of me. But what if they think I'm stupid? But what if I suck? But what if they're laughing at how stupid this whole idea is? But this. But that.

During the talk, my mind drifted (for only about a minute... I was so paying attention!) and I tried imagining how my life would be now if I worried so much about the buts. I even remember getting so much banter for taking photos in front of walls that looking back, it baffles me how I kept on going. I would usually just... stop... the moment I hear people start making fun of me. Strangely, I kept at it weekend after weekend. I enjoyed it. It made me happy that I was able to share what I love to anyone who was willing to listen (or double-tap). To me how you style an outfit is an art. It's a personality test. It's an expression. Food-lovers show us what their eating, artists show their canvases, calligraphers flaunt their beautiful wreaths... it's all the same really.

The truth is, and you've probably heard this like a billion times--you can't please everyone. People will always have something to say about you and what you're doing. They might not understand why you do it. They might not like what you're doing. They might not even like you. But guess what? Who the hell cares? YOU DO YOU. Be happy. Live. Do what you love. And know why you're doing it. If it gets you closer to what you want to achieve in life... if it gets you closer to your dreams... everyone else shouldn't matter. And when self-doubt creeps in and your brain asks you that daunting rhetoric question BUT WHAT IF YOU FAIL? Ask yourself if it really is worse than BUT WHAT IF YOU NEVER TRY?

Wearing the De Moda Wrap from Larney.

This is a reminder for me, first and foremost. To always be brave, with reason of course. I mean, don't quit your job because you're unhappy if you have absolutely nothing to fall back on. You still need to eat (and buy clothes)! Don't buy tickets to a faraway destination with your credit card if you're broke thinking YOLO (I've done that during my student life... starving for a month is not fun but I suppose I don't regret it because I'll always have memories of traveling but that's not the point! The point is to be brave but with reason! Please have savings.). Don't ignore your passion just because people find it unusual.

So go on... live! And remember... no buts.



  1. Inspirational... keep on going!!! Insha Allah.. U can 'un~but the but' ✨✨~ xoxo مع السلامه

    1. Thank you so much <3 InshaAllah. Hehe un-but the but!

  2. Such an inspirational post . =) <3


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