How I got #NFormation

Friday 24 March 2017

I had to go through my text messages to see when we actually kickstarted the project. It was a while back, you guys! So it all started in September when Farhanna had an epiphany over the waters on her way back to Brunei from Kuala Lumpur. She was peering through the window when the idea came to her mind to work on a very exciting project involving 12 lucky girls whom she picked to work with. We had our first meeting at Twelv--that time it was just me, her, Nuurol and Amal K--and she elaborated more on the whole concept and idea. We were already super thrilled then, and I don't think we've stopped feeling excited about it!

Each girl, together with Farhanna, would sit down together and discuss the vision we had for our piece. Even before we had the actual sit down, I knew I wanted a jumpsuit because if ever I was turned into an apparel I would either be skinny jeans or a jumpsuit. I thought about what jumpsuit I wanted--whether the pants were flared or more like cigarette trousers. I then thought about what Na Forrér signature I wanted to incorporate in my piece--songket or lace--and I obviously picked songket. 

I thought my jumpsuit needed a bit of an edge and you know I am a big fan of structure. It was so easy designing the jumpsuit because Farhanna and I were always on the same page and we always thought the same things! We both wanted big sleeves and a box shoulder! With the sleeves, we wanted it to be dramatic and I had the perfect idea (so did she... I swear we were so in-sync) to have kimono-like sleeves. Farhanna mentioned that I had an oriental look and she wasn't the first to say so! Adila had also mentioned it before! So, I was like, yeah let's give it an oriental edge. A photo popped up in my head. In 2015, when I was doing my final project for that 8-week fashion design course I was taking, this was one that was on my moodboard.

Around, I want to say November, we all had a get-together with Farhanna and she announced our themes and our colours. She divided the collection into 4 colours per our beloved national flag. In terms of theme, we were split into Red Blooded Vixen, The Enchantress, Femme Fatale and An All White Affair. Fina, May and I were grouped under Femme Fatale and we were the grey/black (sheeps) of the clan. 

After fittings, the time finally came for the campaign shoot, which was what we were all so excited about! Moderate Films was the campaign photographer and Natasya did our make-up. Femme Fatale's session was on a Sunday morning. I was there by 7AM, I think, for make-up. And it was the funnest 6 hours of my life! Haha! There was just so much laughter, creativity and direction. I enjoyed it very much.

Farhanna then flew to make us proud in London by showcasing #NFormation at London Fashion Week. On top of that, she surprised us by personalizing the names of our outfits. My oriental jumpsuit is called the Nabeela and I really love it. In all honesty, I love them all. I'd wear the Ajeera, the Disco, the Mayden, the Aliaa, the Lioness, the WeekendFrock, the Ammal, the Namaste, the Ainul, the Rube and the Siddique. My ultimate favourite though is actually the Lioness. I love it so much! 

What I love most about it all, is the sense of national pride. This Bruneian designer is collaborating with 12 local social media heads and bringing our names abroad... to London Fashion Week and to international e-commerce sites. So what are you waiting for? Go pre-order a piece and don't forget you can modest-fy the smexy ones to your own liking. Really thinking about the Lioness now.


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