Man, I Feel Just Like A Rockstar

Thursday 9 April 2020

I'm currently reading Radical Candor by Kim Scott and it started talking about two different groups of excellent people at the office. One she calls 'superstars' and the other group, 'rockstars'. Superstars are those that are hyper-ambitious and are on a steep growth trajectory. They want to always be challenged. These are the people who always want to explore new positions and new roles. They don't stay put for a very long time and it would drive them completely off the wall if they stayed in the same position doing the same thing next year. These people are the drivers of growth in a company.

The rockstars are those on a more gradual growth trajectory. Don't be mistaken. They still strive for excellence. They are still world-class in what they do but they're not eyeing for their boss's job. They are happy where they are. One of the characteristics that Kim Scott included was that these people, instead of excelling at the office, excelled outside of work. They are the drivers of stability in any organization. Kim Scott's book, and this is also echoed in the book called Loonshots that I read a few months back, that in any organization, there needs to be a balance of both growth and stability. A company will get no where if everyone is busy fighting for promotions.

It made me think about the growth trajectory that I was on. I remember graduating and actively looking for jobs back in 2012. I considered myself lucky. I think the labour market is a lot tougher these days. I landed a job soon after and I'm still here today after 7 years. I remember joining the workforce full of determination and drive. I remember being excited to achieve things. I remember the feeling of being fully motivated and ready to launch. I was a superstar. Well... I wouldn't call myself one but let's just say there were only two buckets where people could fit in. You can either be a superstar or a rockstar. For this purpose, let's say I was a superstar.

Over the years, things happen right? I realize my gears shifted to a more gradual growth trajectory for a couple of reasons. One, there was no point being a superstar and aiming for a steep growth trajectory when you're on a flat road and it doesn't seem like it was gonna change in the near future. Secondly, I found that social media and trying to set up my own business kept me centered, so I wanted to invest time in that and hence the stability at the office was key. Thirdly, I had a baby boy who helped shift my priorities. I wanted to be there for him first and foremost.

I have no regrets for shifting gears. I believe at the moment, I was meant to be on that path. I was meant to earn a little bit more through social media. I was meant to give LMN a chance. I was meant to meet all these amazing inspiring people. But it's been 5 years and with the bleak future of influencer marketing... I have no clue what lies ahead. I have and will always love creating content for brands. It always feels like such an honor to be acknowledged by them. I'm not saying I'm leaving that life. I'm just saying... I don't know where it's going.

But in terms of my career? I think I'm ready to switch gears again.


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