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Wednesday 25 March 2020

Hi guys! I am currently on leave. We don't have the work-from-home thing in place so we thought it'd be best to just take our leaves and stay home for the time being. We've been very concerned about leaving the house and if we do, to get take out or whatever, we come home straight to the shower. At some point, I'm also unwilling to take three showers a day, so we stay home. Hope you guys are well and keeping safe and clean at all times.

I'm also on a shopping ban because I need to save more money haha and I did a lot of damage during my birthday month and I have tons of back-up for my skincare already. BUTTTT that doesn't stop me from window-shopping. I was on Beaute Pratique yesterday and found some cool stuff that I thought I'd share with you since you too are probably online shopping and looking for cool things to stock up on. This isn't sponsored. Legit just wanted to help you guys out since I know a lot of people who have run out of their skincare products and would like to top up asap.

Note: Photos aren't mine. Got them off Google just to show you guys what it looks like.


Everyone knows I love this ingredient. It really helps to keep the pimples and acne at bay. I had a horrible breakout for months on my forehead and when I started using Niacinamide (I started with The Ordinary). it completely vanished up until now! Incredible, right? It says it could be used for uneven skintone, hyperpigmentation and dullness but it specifically handles acne for me.

2. Good Molecules, also at 10% Niacinamide:

3. I'm currently using The Inkey List but it isn't available on BP. You can find it on Cult Beauty and again it is 10% Niacinamide:

Itching to try:
4. This Niacinamide Toner from Good Molecules.


1. This is my holy grail cleansing oil. I have been using it since my University days: Shu Uemura's Cleansing Oil. I don't have a favourite type--they have one for anti-aging, for brightening, etc. I usually go for the pink or purple. It's super effective as a makeup remover for your FIRST CLEANSE. DOUBLE CLEANSE GUYS. DOUBLE. CLEANSE. You slather it all over your face to melt off all your make up including waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Use water to turn it milky, give it an extra massage and then you wash it off. Then you follow with your usual cleanser. 

2. One of my favourites. I always talk about it. It's none other than Glossier's Milky Jelly Cleanser. Gentle and soothing. I finished bottles and bottles of this:

Itching to try: 
3. Farmacy's Green Clean Balm. It looks and sounds so lush but it comes in a jar and that's my only problem.


1. Favourite SPF. No fuss. No cast. Non-sticky. Only wish it had a higher SPF. But if you hate the white-cast greasy types, this is for you! It's again from Glossier.


Itching to try
1. I saw @acertainshadeofceej use this and I was sold cause her dark circles are... non-existent. She has none. No eyebags... just absolutely flawless youthful looking eyes. She used this product by Klair's and it was the main reason why I was on BP's website in the first place!


1. Currently using this one from Glossier. I'm currently enjoying it. Just a simple, no fuss product. They also have a light version that is also in stock on the website. Check it out if you are needing one now.


I'm a die-hard Pixi fan when it comes to their toners. I've used both below and enjoy it. So if you're running low on toner and need one asap, give these ones a go.

Well, that's it. Happy shopping! Stay clean!


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