You Are In Love (to Dress)

Thursday 23 June 2016

A month ago, I received another email from the Queens of modest-wear--Love to Dress. After a few emails back and forth, I am truly honoured to announce that I am officially a part of LtD's 2016 Influencers Team! Love to Dress never fails to churn out beautiful dresses. I am always blown away by their designs. When I think about modest-wear dresses, the standard black abaya comes to mind, but Love to Dress redefines it altogether. Their dresses are a perfect blend of colours and fabric, as well as the perfect balance between modesty while still retaining that feminine silhouette. LtD totally nailed it with their Modern Romance themed collection for Eid this year! 

The package finally arrived. As I unwrapped the beautiful black box and unfolded the paper to unravel my dresses, there it was--an artwork of my favourite Quranic verse. 

"He knows what is in every heart" - al-Mulk:13

Other than creating these elegant dresses that keep you covered (yes, they got us covered! Pun intended!), the extra surprise was so heartfelt and thoughtful that my love and respect for the brand multiplied like cellular reproduction.

My sad attempt on a flatlay. I tried :(

What I love about these Modern Romance dresses, and I'm sure everyone does too, are the unique sleeves that give it a very victorian romantic look. The peony petals on the Lara, though. I can't get enough of it! Pure genius! I've never felt so much woman-power in my entire life than when I wear my Lara. Did I mention it's a cape blouse? CAPE! (I think it's obvious now that Lara is my favourite hehe!)

Click here to watch my lookbook on Youtube!



I thought I'd have picked my top three--Saskya, Ellery and Lara--but when I saw a few girls donning the Aloura, my heart stopped. THE FITTING WAS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT ON THEM! I think I might have to get myself one after raya (because I'm maxed out on clothes for Eid right now), so I hope they will still have my size left by then.





With a theme about love, it's no surprise I'm really into their Eid 2016 looks. I love LOVE. I love being in love. I love falling in love. I love being loved. I love loving people. That moment when you feel love in your heart, like a little chocolate lava that's cracked open and sweet love just oozes out. I love listening to Bruce Springsteen's Secret Garden and Taylor Swift's You Are In Love, I feel the gush of feelings when Keira Knightley opens the door to read those cue cards in Love Actually and when Meg Ryan says "I wanted it to be you so badly" in You've Got Mail. Yup, I am a sucker for romance, so LtD really did it for me.

So... awkward sappy Nabeela aside, which one of the dresses is your favourite?



  1. Love the shoes you wear with Lara! tDF!!

    1. Hello! Thank you so much! I got it from Zara :)


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