Brunei Fashion Weekend

Sunday 12 June 2016

Might as well call it that because I don't think this Sultanate has ever hosted that many Malaysian designers and Vivy Yusof at one time. Fashionvalet's appearance is probably the biggest thing that has happened to Brunei ever since falling oil prices (haha stole that from a friend's tweet--Hi Zy!). But it's true, I don't think our purchasing power has been more evident than in the past two days! Well done, ladies!

I woke up at 9AM yesterday thinking my Saturday was going to be chill. My sungkai plans were cancelled and Fashionvalet's pop-up store was by-invitation only, so I only had a date with a friend to go check out Alia Bastamam at 2PM and a quick photoshoot at 4PM. Then at noon, that schedule was chucked out the window (oh I love pleasant surprises, many thanks to @thecollectiveartevents and @ajeeratul, Alhamdulillah). The shoot was moved up to 1PM to make way for FV at 4PM, and what an amazing day it turned out to be.

Trying on this beautiful number from Alia Bastamam
After university, I was still unaware of designers in the region. Alia Bastamam was one of the first Malaysian designers that I heard about. I've always been a fan of her work since then. It's minimal and elegant and sultry and dainty and alluring and delicate and I could go on forever. Other than being here for Fashionvalet, Alia Bastamam is also showcasing her ready-to-wear at Suite C2, Lanesborough Residence from 10AM to 5PM this weekend! If you're looking for eid wear that screams out I'm-too-sultry-for-you, look no further and head over to Lanesborough Residence!

This was my absolute favourite! 
With the amazing Alia herself.
Straight after that, I drove like a maniac to the Empire Hotel and Country Club to meet the FV Team and the designers. I can't thank @thecollectiveartevents and @ajeeratul enough for that! I finally got to meet Veen and she's just a hilarious ball of fun! I love her.

Shinny of The Collective not to pleased with me stealing her rad hat!
With Phoebe (Brand Ambassador of Naforrer) and Min!
There's Veen looking so serious!
It was not long until Vivy Yusof stepped into the room and the crowd formed a line (well done again, ladies, for getting into formation!) My jaw instantly dropped because I was wearing the same top--the Lara blouse from @lovetodress. Let's just stop and stare at it in awe for a minute.

YES. If you need to get something from their Eid collection you need to get this (and Salamah and Ellery and Saskya) because just look at the sleeves! It's supposedly inspired by the petals of a blooming flower. 

Anyway, back to my story, I felt like Samantha in Sex and the City 2 when she bumps into Miley Cyrus wearing the same dress. Oh crap... I ruined her day I say to myself. Thankfully, Vivy was extra cool about it. Phewf! We also made sure our outfits wouldn't clash tonight... so that's sorted.

Girl, stole my look! Photo by: @aimanbesar
Photo by: @aimanbesar
I also had the greatest opportunity to meet these two gentlemen (who smell so nice btw). Rizman and Ruzaini (of none other than @rizmanruzaini) were the sweetest that they pushed me over the fence (because I was on the fence about purchasing another raya outfit... I mean... falling oil prices is no joke everybody) and made me purchase one of their dresses. I'm going to be a blue peacock this raya... I don't care.

One with Rizman Ruzaini (also do you see my petal sleeves?)
Anyway, I have to go get ready.

I don't know about you, but I'm excited for the fashion show that will happen in a few weeks time--a fashion show called Hari Raya Aidilfitri.



  1. Well, I love you too! <3

  2. Haha omg that tweet makes me sound ridiculous. Hi babe! ❤️

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