Friday 13 May 2016

This photo makes me smile because we all know we were being a bunch of goofballs just having fun but as soon as the cameras pointed our way, we all went dead silent and our alter egos took over. It's quite rare to meet someone who loves the same things you do, but to meet a group of these people? I'm pretty lucky, I guess.

Meet the girls:

Left to Right: May (@themayden), Amal (@amsaimz), Min (@discofissh), Nuurol (@truelionesss), Jeera (@ajeeratul), Amal D (@malsdaud), Amal K (@cupofnamaste) and Zahra (@zahrazamari). Not in picture: Fina (@finamd). Absent: Ainul (@wearrior.a) and Bash (@bashharry)


She's a tall mysterious human being who writes ever so beautifully. Don't be fooled by her dark sartorial photos, she is actually quite a bubbly soul and when she plays her violin, she'll definitely tug at your heartstrings. She doesn't know this but I saw her play the violin at the Relentless Chill Out session and was blown away by the amount of talent she had. Like her vibrant hair, she's fire.


At the L'Orient Victorian Tea Party

Oh this beautiful soul. She's the goddamn unicorn everyone wants to be. She's a total gift to this world--a box of euphoria that everybody needs. She exudes confidence so elegantly and perfectly that I am constantly in awe. She can pull off anything and everything. At the Syomirizwa Gupta Borneo Trunk Show, she wore an amazing blue velvet pair of pants (watch my video!) that made my jaw drop. I'm definitely finding me a pair but I'm not sure if I'll look even half as good as she did! 


Min and May <3

Discofissh. She is as interesting as her social media name. Her style has charisma--pretty obvious when you scroll through her instagram. Black and white. Clean. Minimal with a charming edge. Min is always looking ravishing and polished that you'd think she'd be in her mid-twenties. But no, this young lady just bloomed early. Lucky girl!


I go way back with this girl. She is my fitspiration. Every time I feel like I'm about to lose to chocolate (I always lose btw), I stare at her instagram grid and just feel bad about myself. Hahaha! Who wouldn't? She's got skin of gold and a body that is out of this world. When we had the afternoon tea party hosted by Na Forrer, I don't recall her stuffing anything fat in her mouth. I, on the other hand, had three refills of the divine sparkling juice, a scone and a shameful plate of fried noodles. Shake my head.

Nuurol, Amal and I, draped in Syomirizwa Gupta's Cruise 2016 collection.


Flowy and dreamy poses come to mind when I think of this girl. You can feel the breeze when you see her photos as she looks like she's gliding on clouds. You will always be amazed at the thought of her being a mother of one. I mean, that tiny waist is something to envy! I can only hope my waist snaps back to that size after I have a baby. Jeera and her husband are well on their way to conquer the fashion media scene. Watch out.

Lipstickmyname x Jeera Does Fashion

Amal D

I first met this young lady at Na Forrer's afternoon tea party at Empire. I was pleasantly surprised by her age! She is so young! It's quite inspiring really to see confident young girls just doing what they love to do. At that age, I was still figuring out who I was. So.. kudos Mal D!

Amal K

Favourite photo of these two. EVER!
Confession. Amal and Fiqah (@iqahafiqah) of Bohemian Brighties stole my heart from the very beginning! I was (and still am) head over heels over their videos that every time I watch them, I swear, my heart just bursts into glitter. Their videos have the cutest music that I had to ask Amal if I could use one of them. She said yes! Haha. Now get off your bums and head over to their blog!


Easily the cutest one of the gang! But don't be fooled by this fun-size beauty... she is feisty and strong. She's also very creative and crafty as you can tell from @eveandrosie and @paperbloombyrosie. I'm not sure where she finds the time to juggle school and her businesses. Quite an inspiring one, she is.

Btw, her cats were stolen!!! Go check out her IG and help her out if you can, please.


Thanks Jeera for the photo!

Fina is a beautiful creature. Sometimes, I stare at her wonderstruck--how can a human being be so beautiful inside and out? I've known her for over 8 years now and not once have I heard her say anything bad about anyone. She's genuine and sincere, and has a heart of gold. On my birthday, she managed to throw a surprise lunch for me. You know what my birthday means to me, so she scores a billion cool points in my book!


This girl is the ultimate sweetheart. She has a big heart and a beautiful face. Her eyebrows are always fleeking and making mine look like lazy caterpillars on a hot day (what?). She couldn't attend the event because she had a deadline. Thattagirl! Got her priorities in order! Ainul is part of a group that blogs on Wearrior Instinct (@wearriorinstinct) (you should definitely check them out if you haven't already), a blog celebrating fashion, style and identity. I always get excited when she posts something new. 

That time we scouted for a photo-worthy backdrop.
Wearing my favourite Adila Long Tulip skirt to L'Orient's Tea Party last month.

Lastly, the lovely Bash who does amazing youtube videos. She's another young blogger who writes about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. She's quirky and fun, and a real kind-hearted spirit that's full of surprises. I love her make-up videos! She amazes me every time. At that age, I only knew how to put on blusher. This girl puts on her make-up so effortlessly and flawlessly. It's not even fair! She'll be leaving soon for university and I am extremely excited for her. 

Click away! Later, bunnies.


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