The Palestrato Storm

Sunday 22 May 2016

They say 'to deny a dream is to kill it in its infancy'.

I envy those who are not afraid to chase their dreams. Being ordinary is not mandatory, so why not chase the impossible? I am very fortunate to have been surrounded by these fearless souls. They keep my fire burning. 

A few months ago, a good friend and (then) colleague, gave in her resignation letter with the hopes of conquering the world. She is beautiful and young, strong and bold. She is palestrato. In the few months before her last day of working a desk job, we had mini meaningful conversations in the corridor about fashion, business and life. She let me in on a wonderful secret that blew my mind. It was visionary. It was intriguing. It was different.

Phase 1 launched with a bang. The marketing was mind-blowing. The photography was extraordinary. The designs were impeccable. The Palestrato Storm was gaining momentum and it destroyed anyone that got in the way. Tremors were felt nationwide and we were ready to embrace it.

Late April, Palestrato Apparel opened their doors to their show room for Palestrato fans and interested buyers to check out their latest launches. Flocks of athleisure-hungry boys and girls came to get their hands on these limited babies. Mr. Lipstickmyname and I treated ourselves to some P.A. goodies (so, hopefully, people will just focus on our snazzy gymwear and not our poor performance). I think, with my new Spectrum pants, it might just work!

Spectrum comes with the most awesome pair of sports bra that I regretfully didn't cop (I don't know why) but word on the street is that Phase 3 will be launching very soon with another pair of tights and matching sports bra! YUMMY! What else is in store? Well... you just have to wait. I don't kiss and tell ;)

For more information, check out Palestrato Apparel (@palestratoapparel). You won't regret it. 



  1. I saw the photos you posted of Palestrato and you had no idea how curious and excited I was about it -- largely because I had no clue what it was, but ah, I'm excited all the same. I don't think we get a lot of athleisure gear locally, so to have a locally-bred brand that caters to this is something I'm really looking forward to!


    1. It's quite inspiring huh? I'm still so amazed and proud of the brand!


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