Digital Side Hustle: Part 1

Tuesday 8 December 2020

I am what people call an ‘influencer’. I try so hard to shake that term off because it’s clouded with a lot of negative connotations and perceptions. It’s ridiculed and looked down upon. I don’t know what about it makes it quite possibly one of the most hated words in the past few years. People say it with such disgust that even ‘influencers’ have stopped calling themselves that and switched it out with social media content creator or some other disguise.

Let me be real and say, I am embarrassed to be one because I’ve always been the type to care about what people think. But even so, I never stopped being one because (a) I actually quite enjoy it and (b) I make money out of it and people who hate what I do, do not pay my damn bills. I’ve decided to just live on, for now at least, and let people hate. But, I will always try to be kind to them because it really just makes them look bad and says more about them than me really.

Hahaha that time I came to an event twinning with Vivy! Still so funny.

Back to what I do—LMN—there’s two sides to my business. Obviously, there’s the apparel RTW business that has probably been on a small break due to COVID. COVID definitely shook my entire supply chain and new business models would need to be thought of at this point. Hopefully LMN the label will survive this and make its way back for Eid 2021. I’ll let you in on a secret, it has started production.

The other side of LMN is the social media side. I mostly enjoy it because of the marketing aspect. I think that’s where I’d like to head in the future—marketing. I know it’s a vast subject and social media marketing is just a small dot, but it’s such a fun and exciting expertise to be in. So far I’ve only done a lot of stills, but in 2021, I hope my creativity will take me further (hah, if my MBA permits).

How I earn from it is mostly by producing content for brands. Back in 2015 when I was still building the brand, I mostly took things for free to keep churning out content for my platform and blog but now I mostly take on paid projects. Not because I’m a sellout. People don’t seem to understand that creating content takes (a) time and (b) money to purchase whatever it is you need to create content. I get frustrated when brands ask to do this and that and set a deadline without giving me monetary compensation. I feel a little disrespected, not because I feel I deserve to be paid, but more because I’m taking my time out to create something for you and I know it translates into profits for your business, but you think giving me something for free is enough. Gladly, a lot of companies are starting to understand that.

Anyway, that aside, I also earn money from sales commissions so I’m quite grateful every time you use any of my codes. I think those are important because it also shows the impact of my content to the businesses I’m working with. Like a report card, I suppose. So to those of you who have used my code in the past or will use them in the future, thank you from the bottom of heart. It keeps LMN going. In some countries, it’s a more viable and sustainable career, but it isn’t where we live. I’m going to ride it out, until I can’t anymore.

In Part 2, I’ll write about what actually happens when I create content and walk you through the process in my head. I’ll also talk about the challenges that I face.

Hope you enjoyed Part 1! Speak soon!


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