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Monday 16 September 2019

I'm experiencing major travel withdrawals and in the spirit of celebrating our anniversary, why not walk down memory lane and think about some travel moments with Mr. LMN. This is a fun exercise for my memory too... some holidays date back to a decade ago and isn't it great to just reflect and think about the good ol' times? Makes you feel more grateful because sometimes you just forget about them entirely. 

Hawaii and LA:
Favourite memory of this trip has definitely got to be snorkeling in the open water with manta rays at night while we were in Hawaii. It's actually in the list of top 100 things you have to see before you die. It's true. It's like watching ballet underwater by these huge graceful creatures. Trust me, you have to go see it for yourself. We also went on a helicopter over the whole island, including an active volcano.

Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane:
I remember loving the yummy brunch cafes in Melbourne and was totally in love with our trip down Great Ocean Road, but looking back I would go back for the fresh seafood at the Sydney Fish Market. That was the crunchiest grilled octopus we've ever had. However, the funniest moment of the trip was when we climbed up Sydney Harbour Bridge and a bird shat on my shoulder. There was a large area of space underneath, you guys... but nooooo, it decided to take a crap right above me. At that moment, it was horrible but I can laugh at it now.

Bangkok and Koh Phi Phi:
This was such a beautiful island. I was blown away with Maya Bay, made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio. I hope our future generations are able to experience this kind of beauty because it truly is phenomenal. Despite the beauty, however, I was the most cranky person on this trip because it was super hot and humid, and I constantly had sand in my feet... even in our hotel room! We laugh about it now but hahaha I was not a fun travel companion on this trip. Sorry babe.

This was a beautiful trip. Madinah was a magical place that really makes you forget about all your worries and all the worldly things that are temporary. It made me feel calm and at peace at a much needed time of my life. Funny moment? That bird in the photo... yup it pooped on me. Another city, another poop story.

Paris (2009):
This was us at Disneyland on Alifah's birthday. In honor of celebrating her birthday, she made me go on the ride at the back called Space Mountain. Now I hate rides. I'm always anxious so I don't understand people who consciously choose to have that feeling. But I went on it anyway to prove our friendship. I cried. I cried a few seconds in and then another 5-10 minutes after I got off. It was hilarious but I'm never getting on a ride ever again. I love Paris... it really is the city of love. We went again in 2015 with our families.

New York and Washington:
This was a fun trip! We flew with our friends and stayed in beautiful Air BnBs. We've flown to New York City before in 2011 for 3 days as students and we absolutely loved it. This time we went for two weeks and got to experience more things. We watched plays--one of which had Josh Groban in it. We queued up 4 hours in the rain to go see Statue of Liberty for like 4 seconds--quite surprised we didn't catch a cold. BUT FUNNY STORY (of course this would happen to me)... on the way back from Statue of Liberty, I fell on my bum in a puddle of mud in front of a billion tourists (and I swear I heard a little laughing). Still loving this trip though. We had so much fun trying to watch the ball drop live (total failure btw and this was the one where Mariah Carey had that blunder) but ended up having a cozy dinner. We cycled up a hill in Washington and I realized that my resistance was at the fullest which explained why everyone was cycling faster than me. I was in suede and wearing heeled boots too. Fashion over safety.

A spontaneous trip with friends. It was just for a few nights to escape thesis-writing. We went snorkeling, I had the worse experience of motion-sickness, puked on our raft, fell asleep while everyone else was swimming with fishes and then woke up having the worse sunburn. I was 10 shades darker, not lying!

No funny stories here but it was our first trip with both our families so that was special. We did hang around at this area outside a mosque until a local told us it was where they washed dead bodies. So... really really sorry about that. We should have known. The food there was scrumptious! No bird pooped on me.

Now we get to fly with a third-wheeler and yes the dynamics have changed. It's a little trickier but we wouldn't have it any other way. To many more adventures, my love. InshaAllah. Happy Anniversary.


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