The Umair Takeover: 21 things at 21 months

Friday 5 July 2019

I think I should start a new series that focuses on everything Umair. Maybe post it during the weekend and call it TGIU or Umaiyay (brain is obviously not feeling so creative tonight! Haha). I've received so many requests for me to churn out more content on my darling son. Initially, I really did not want to. I didn't want to turn into a mom-blogger and wanted LMN to still concentrate on fashion, beauty and lifestyle, and I wanted to attract that target audience. Let's be clear, LMN will always be about fashion, beauty and lifestyle, but I guess once in a while (maybe once in two weeks if I can?), I can share bits and bobs of this wonderful boy that changed my life.

Let's just ease into it shall we. I'll share with you his current developments, some of which you may have seen on my stories. U is a year and 9 months already. I look back at old photos and my heart saddens at the thought of him growing up so fast but at the same time I'm excited for what's ahead. At 21 months, he's done the following:

  1. Count from 1 to 10;
  2. Prefers to feed himself (albeit terribly as he still hasn't mastered the art of using a spoon);
  3. Obsessed with dinosaurs and has started to sing and dance along to the dino songs on Pink Fong;
  4. Knows colors (gets them wrong sometimes but that's okay... grown-ups sometimes argue whether something is blue or green);
  5. Knows the difference between cars, trucks, trains and buses;
  6. Knows a lot of the names of his great uncles (and Hazim has a lot of uncles btw);
  7. Can point out numbers from 11 to 20 but can't say them yet;
  8. Knows how to ask for hugs and kisses (guys... this melts my heart completely, I wish I could record it to have forever but he always does it out of the blue);
  9. Started to say 'I love you';
  10. Started to understand what it means when we go on business trips without him (cause he was terribly sad when we both had to leave for work on consecutive weeks);
  11. Loves playing football with his left foot;
  12. Loves sticking his dinosaurs stickers everywhere! (Hazim found one on his luggage when he landed in London hahaha);
  13. Loves strumming the guitar;
  14. More cheeky than ever i.e. gives side-eye glances, teases his little cousin, makes funny faces, sulks like a teenage girl when we get mad at him etc;
  15. Knows the difference between biscuits, 'keropok' and cakes (he loves them all... thanks to the festive season);
  16. Knows how to say 'brush teeth' and 'comb hair' (and he loves to show people that he can do both... 'kambang' like mommy it seems);  
  17. Tells us when he poops or wants to poop;
  18. Knows all of the words from his flashcard deck;
  19. Knows how to say 'Youtube' - not particularly proud of this I have to say;
  20. Knows a lot of animals and the sounds they make; and
  21. Joins us when we pray.

Watching him grow has been the absolute best. Kids really do fill your days with joy because seeing them learn and discover new things make you so proud as a parent (also applicable to proud aunts/uncles and proud pet owners). Seeing them curious and watching them pick up new words... it's such a thrill (a bit like Russian Roulette sometimes because you never know which word they're going to pick up next... it also makes me worry about what I say in front of him now!). However, it makes me realize that I'm getting older and my brain is no longer a sponge that can absorb a lot of information anymore. Isn't it fun being a kid? But anyway, that can be another topic for another day!

More TGIU posts coming up! Hmm... I'm not feeling that name..... 

//Series is called The Umair Takeover now. I do realize that the abbreviation is TUT but... we'll just roll with it! Let me know what else you'd like to read about!


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