DST iPhone X Launch

Monday 4 December 2017

I've been a huge iPhone fan since the first release back in 2007. I had the first iPhone, 4S, 6 Plus and I now own the 8 Plus (we'll get to that in a minute). I'm sure there are other cool phones in the market but after years of being so accustomed to the system, there's just no turning back. This morning I played around with the iPhone X at the iPhone X Launch Lounge and got pretty annoyed because I wanted to hate it. Unfortunately, it's a pretty cool gadget that I wish I had waited for!

Last week, I asked my followers which iPhone I should get and the clear winner was the X... by a mile. You'll know why I bought the 8 Plus in a minute but first let's talk about the contract plans!
So if you're already on the Prima plan, these deals seem really great! HOWEVER, there's a catch--the data! I'm already on the 7GB BND55 monthly plan and the downgrade to 5GB would be expensive for me in the long run because even 7GB sometimes isn't enough for me! My mother, on the other hand, is still on the 5GB BND55 plan so she would definitely enjoy the iPhone X at BND1,446! I could get an upgrade to the 9GB BND85 plan but I'd rather limit myself to BND55 a month and probably purchase the 3GB/7GB top up to spread over two months, ya know?

That being said, let me tell you why I gushed over the new generation iPhone!

1. The crystal clear display of the iPhone X seems... almost fake and I say this in awe! It's just too clear to be true!

iPhone X vs iPhone 8 Plus

2. Let's be real--the new look is pretty sexy. My iPhone 8 Plus just looks like my old 6 Plus but with a much better camera and a cooler back.

3. Portrait mode for selfies--not available on the 8 Plus.

4. Animoji... I feel like if this becomes the next big thing I'm going to experience chronic FOMO. But will it become a thing?

The iPhone X also has the Face ID which I tried and thought was pretty cool but it isn't a selling point for me. I'm pretty content with Touch ID but I also cannot imagine all the greater things that will come with that kind of technology. And although the 8 Plus has the dual camera, I read that the iPhone X has a slight edge which you can read here and here.

Despite all the gushing, I had to let this one go because buying the phone itself  without the contract plan would have costed me around BND2k. If you're able to get it overseas, it's much cheaper but sadly, my 6 Plus decided to break down on me and I needed a phone pronto!

1st iPhone Customer: Ricky Chua
Not going to lie... I felt really jealous of all the people who managed to get their X's today. They queued up from 6.30AM anddd the lovely DST management (including CEO, Mr. Suhaimi Hussain) cheered and celebrated each customer. I expect stores to celebrate like that every time I shop now. FV. Zara. Yatta. Cult Beauty. Shell station. Yep! I want the whole she-bang every time I spend cash somewhere haha! First 50 customers were also given DST vouchers worth BND100 together with iTunes gift cards worth USD15. How lucky!  

Hello Ma. You want to buy an iPhone X and swap it with my 8 Plus? (She said no)
After shaking off my sadness, I feel pretty good about my 8 Plus. I am loving the size, the camera is still pretty neat and I spent BND400 less than if I were to get an X. (Also, Hazim's X will arrive soon and I'll have another chance to negotiate a swap?)

All-in-all, I really enjoyed this morning. Had some Little Gourmet, Gong Cha, Magnum and Coffee Bean, and really loved seeing all the happy faces from their purchases. I TOTALLY GET THAT FEELING, PEOPLE. Also, a big thank you to DST. You always know how to have a good time!



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