Current Obsessions: Tassels, Statements and Fraud

Friday 28 July 2017

To be sustainable, you can't really follow trends all the time. It's important to spend money on basics that will never go out of style and on things you can wear for years and years. But... I'm only human. I, too, obsess over accessories and trends. This month has been particularly... out of control. Might have done a naughty purchase too!

1. Tassel Earrings

I'm always late to the party (it took me a few months before I caught on with songs by The Weeknd) but this is really rubbing on me. Initially, I honestly didn't get it. It reminded me so much of curtain tassels, but as I kept seeing it on the internet... especially these ones from Misa Los Angeles as seen on Chriselle Lim (who is my current favourite blogger btw), I am completely sold! I bought some tassel earrings from H&M in May, so that's just gonna do for now because I cannot justify forking out USD96 on a pair of earrings.

2. Ark by Cult Gaia

This cult item is another thing that's got me obsessing over. It looked hella stunning when Fina (@weekendfrocks) wore it (love you!) and now I see them in colours! The only thing about it though is since they're acrylic... they leave scratch marks. So if you're wanting to get one, be extra careful!

3. Supersized Pants

I love this silhouette. Anything that screams Lazy Chic is a tick in my books. The only thing that worries me sometimes when I use oversized pants is my height because I swear it just chops it up in two. As a result, I have to have to opt for really tall heels to avoid looking like... the shorty that I am. I'm obsessed with these pair of pants from Peggy Hartanto. I recently bought something from their website and I was torn between the jumpsuit and these pants. I wasn't confident to pull this off at that time, so I got the jumpsuit instead. BUT... I'm definitely coming back for this one of these days.

4. Doris from Roberi and Fraud

This was my naughty purchase. A few days after purchasing Gentle Monster, I went ahead and bought myself another pair of sunnies from Roberi and Fraud. Hazim wasn't pleased but I reassured him that I would not be making any big purchases this year (I initially wanted a pair of Gucci shoes or Manolos... but that went straight out the window when I saw Bella Hadid wearing Doris... Hashtag weak).

Oh a funny story! After I made the purchase, my bank calls me up to confirm my purchase at ROBERI AND FRAUD. HAHAHAHA. Well done, bank!

5. Updated Shirts

I. Cannot.

Best Trend Ever.

6. Statement Sleeves

Now that bell sleeves are fizzling out... other forms of statement sleeves are making their way onto runways and high street labels. This piece by Ellery still haunts me today. But the price though. 



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