2016 Roll-Call

Sunday 22 January 2017

2016 has been a whirlwind of fun events that I'm extremely grateful for. From starting a blog, to the newspaper article, to sitting front row at KLFW and JFW, to reading surprise emails in my inbox! I'm not sure how I got this lucky... but I do hope I get to continue to do what I love to do in 2017.

Sometimes I look back and think... what on earth was I on that I suddenly went on a weekly hunt for the perfect background to do my 'OOTDs'. If you scroll down to 2015, you will find an ample amount of cringeworthy photos taken at Batu Satu because at that time, that was the only place I knew. Truthfully, I do not recall or remember how or why I started, but I am glad I did. I've always been the type of person who cared so much about what people think, but I suppose over time you realise that everybody has a problem with everybody else, no matter what you do, right? So, always do what you love. It's your life after all. (For as long as you're not doing anything illegal or just morally wrong... you're good.)

I've picked out a few of my favourite looks of 2016 and all I can say is... if people ask me what my favourite colour is and I say dark green--Well I'm a liar. It's obviously pink. (It really is green though but boy do I wear a lot of pink!)

Pink Outfit Roll-Call!

Pink 1

Pink 2

Pink 3

Pink 4

Pink 5

See? What did I tell ya? Out of those outfits, three are of me wearing my precious Frappucino dUCk that I regret not buying a back-up of. So as soon as they release more of it, I will stay up for as long as I can, because these babies are worth the racoon eyes I'll be getting the morning after. Buttonscarves sent me something quite similar (click here) but they're also sold out and I'm not sure why but it doesn't sit well on my head. It just does not want to curve. It sits well on my bestie Farhi though, hence why it's with her now.

Another thing I realise is that I don't smile a lot (and I know I get a lot for this). No, I'm not trying to be a model. I'm about 5'2 and the only thing I could possibly model for is for Zara Kids and even then I'm about a few wrinkles too late. I just enjoy styling clothes and putting it out there--it's just my way of being creative I suppose. And most of the time, the outfit sort of looks better without a smile? Does that make sense? Probably not and I'm sure I'm just digging a deeper hole here. I've been told that my mouth runs on an endless power supply sometimes. 

Anti-smile 1

Anti-smile 2

Anti-smile 3

Anti-smile 4

Anti-smile 5

Anti-smile 5 is my favourite shot of 2016 and possibly my favourite ever. Adila Long has so kindly lent me her pieces from her bold and exemplary Liberation line that was abundantly rich in texture, and with the beautiful architectural structures in New York that has colours mirroring the outfit itself... I'm absolutely loving this one. This is where I hope to take 2017 to. I want my clothes to be a little bit dark and bold. I'll try to steer away from pastels but who we kidding? We'll just have to see how long I can keep this resolution for.



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